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Here’s my first post on – a social media site that’s organized by neighborhood. I believe is the best tool for local organizing that’s ever existed and I do what I can to make my neighborhood a better place.  Here’s the first article I wrote about

  1. This post I turned into a blog post on key fob/noise reduction – here.  You will probably only be able to see the original post if you’re in my neighborhood of Richmond, Portland, Oregon, USA.Less beeping
  2. Traffic Calming on Hawthorne and Division – Still working on this 🙂
    Traffic Calming in Portland
  3. Do you have fruit/nut trees that you’d like to share the bounty from? – 10.16.18 – Currently, the action in Portland, Oregon is on a Facebook group that is over 1,200 members strong and growing by the day. The Portland Fruit Tree Project is also having harvest parties this Fall.

  4. A Request: Please Drive Slower and More Carefully. This one is an ongoing issue. Luckily, we’re at 20mph on residential streets in Portland, now.
    Slow the Fuck Down

  5. Neighborhood places: Marino Adriatic Cafe on 41st and Division.
    Marino Adriatic Cafe
  6. Stop Receiving Yellow Pages @ – Sadly, I can’t believe in October of 2018 yellow pages are still a thing, but they are. This is a good thread if you live in my neighborhood. It talks about how to get off of various lists – Red Plum; Oregonian Food Day, etc. There is also a FB group for this purpose.

  7. Be Idle Free
    Be Idle Free
  8. LED street Light improvements. Here’s how to get a shield on your nearby LED street light. Mention “light trespass” which is what is likely happening – light coming from the LED into your house/porch/eyes. –
    Here’s a source for outdoor friendly lighting:

    Shield Request Process

  9. Where does the dirt go? Dumptrucks on Division – Here’s a dirty idea:
    Where does the dirt go?
  10. Get Rid of Your Lawn – I’ve been posting about this one a lot, of course, given my love of Farm My Yard 🙂

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