Snow Days!

Scooterville Snowlandia

We've been snowed in in Portland, Oregon for the last 5 days. It's really something. I've lived here for 15 years and, as far as I can recall, I've never seen the City so socked in. I've been wishing to come up with a system to award people for … [Continue reading]

Online Marketing Training Videos by Albert Kaufman

Training Videos by Albert Kaufman I have been offering educational webinars (now videos) about on-line marketing for the past couple of years. They are long-format. Each offers a unique collection of insights and a lot of personal commentary! I … [Continue reading]

Tools I Use for Online Marketing

Albert Kaufman 12.7.16

Tools I Use I really couldn't do the on-line marketing work I do without a good set of tools. Here are the ones I like the most. Some of these are affiliate links - ie, if you end up buying from them, I will receive some compensation. I will demo … [Continue reading]

Slowing traffic to 20 mph

20 MPH is plenty

From “6 Cities Designing for Health” - Winter 2016 Issue of YES! Magazine - pg. 36 Edinburgh Slowing traffic to 20 mph "Scotland’s capital city is rolling out a plan to cap the speed limit at 20 mph on 80 percent of its roads. The slowdown is … [Continue reading]