How to use to effect Neighborhood Change

Using Nextdoor to Effect Neighborhood Change I posted an article about my love of and why it's useful a few years ago. Since then, my thinking about has changed and grown. I see Nextdoor as a much more powerful tool for … [Continue reading]

Guest Post: At the Root: Trees Rule

Farm My Yard

At the Root: Trees Rule By Guest Blogger: Eileen Stark, Portland, Oregon      Although the region’s unique wetlands and grasslands carry the greatest diversity of species, it is the forests that dominate and most distinctly … [Continue reading]


social media

Plant Trees - Leave Trees Standing - For better health for all living beings Humans and other species thrive on oxygen. Trees and other plants create oxygen. So, you'd think if we wanted to live long, healthy lives and save other species - we'd … [Continue reading]

City Parking – how to make the most out of the space we’ve got

Belmont Dairy Building - City parking

City Parking I heard of the term "city parking" years ago. What it means is that in most situations, you pull your car up forward as far as it will go - leaving some room between you and the car in front or a driveway. And then the person who parks … [Continue reading]

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