The Eleven: April 2015, The DC Edition

The Eleven, April 2015

Hello from the Nation’s Captitol
On a break from lobbying in the Botanical Gardens
My representative’s office – 1111
New lobbying friends, by the Capitol Building
Biggest CapHillDays Ever!
For years I’ve felt that population growth is the most important environmental issue we face.  I traveled to Washington, DC to participate in Population Connection’s Capitol Hill Days. This was probably my 8th trip for this purpose. It’s a combination of advocacy training and lobbying on Capitol Hill.  Here’s a quick action you can take to both learn more about where we’re at with international family planning and to ask your representatives for help on the matter. And, if contacting President Obama is your cup of tea, here’s a request to him to lift the Helms amendment and loosen restrictions on abortion care overseas. 
This year’s event was the largest ever and I was surrounded by a diverse group of college students from across the US who are passionate about womens’ reproductive health issues. It was inspiring to feel their passion and caring for the planet. We heard some great speakers who have direct experience on how access to contraception impacts peoples lives in less developed countries of the world.  
I also got to wander DC some and I had an interesting time on day 1 in Georgetown, and Day 2 in some nooks and crannies near the Mall that I’d never seen before. I didn’t go to the main collection of cherry blossoms, but still saw my fair share – enjoy these photo collections! 
While in the area I also got to visit with my parents, Rich and Hannah, and my brother, Dan, who is also known as BakerMan Dan!
We are so lucky in the West, and yet we face many of the same problems people in other parts of the world face due to our increasing human population – overcrowding; resource depletion (thinking of California’s drought); having to grow food for 7.42 billion; species loss – staggering number of species dying off to make way for more humans. I don’t know the exact answer to how to stave off climate change and our other environmental issues – but any conversation that does not include human population growth as part of the issue is leaving out a key element. So, I’ll keep trying to include it and keep advocating for the low-hanging fruit – easy and free access to contraception; reproductive healthcare for all; sex ed at all age levels and encouragement to those who have small families and no children at all. I’m encouraged by this recent story/book: Childless, Proud and Happy: An Honest Conversation about Forgoing Kids that was on NPR.
And, if you have kids – great. I look forward to being a great uncle to them and a friend and support to you, cause kids can use all the adult connection they can get and parents could certainly use a hand.
Here’s to us all figuring this out together. I wrote a note to myself while wandering Georgetown and it’s a theme I hope to develop more: “It’s not like people haven’t been lying in the past. It’s just that right now we really need our wits about us.  Instead of having people educated and smart and making good decisions we’re arguing over lies and bullshit and wasting money and time that we don’t really have right now“. I think now, more than anytime in history, money has to come out of politics and those who are working to deceive us (climate change deniers, anyone who advocates against access to contraception – Republicans), need to stop so we can work to figure our way through. Otherwise, we’re done for as a species.
On that happy note, I’ll see you back on the West Coast! Can’t wait to get home!
Happy Spring
Albert, The Eleven, April 2015

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Re-electing Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley

I’m standing with Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley for another 4 years. We’re lucky to have him. Here are some pumpkins we made for him during the first election! Enjoy

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Slideshow on Facebook 7.12.12

I gave a talk as part of a Constant Contact presentation at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Portland, on Thursday, July 12th, 2012. Here’s the Facebook slideshow I prepared. Enjoy!

Occupy Portland and Beyond

Occupy Portland10/18/11 – Great Article by Chris Hedges – A Movement Too Big To Fail

There’s something going on around here“, quotes Paul Krugman of the NYT. There’s some great writing about this movement and some great activism going on right now.  I thought I’d share what I’m finding.  In no particular order:

9/23 – Video of Occupy WallStreet – well done photographically…

A list/map of all Occupy Groups in the world.  Livestream of the Occupy PDX happenings.

Blog post by Chris Hedges on the People’s Republic of Portland blog – a great read as is everything he writes, IMHO.

YES Magazine author Sarah Van Gelder’s Article: Where the 99% Get Their Power: “The protests are giving the unemployed, the uninsured, the evicted, indebted students, homeless veterans, and would-be retirees a place to break out of their isolation. OccupyWallStreet shows that millions share their hardships and are standing up. Transforming shame, self-doubt, and isolation into solidarity unleashes enormous power.”

Occupy PortlandOrion Magazine’s, Christopher Ketcham’s Reign of the 99 Percenters

A list of needs of the Occupy Portland folks.  I’m sure this list is still pretty current.  Food, Shelter, Clothing are generally always needed.

Popular saying: Dear 1%, We fell asleep for a while. We just woke up. Sincerely, the 99%

Great photos from NYC protests

The Nation – 

Community Benefit Concert – December 11th

Community Benefit Concert
December 11, 2010
First Unitarian Church of Portland – Main Street Sanctuary
1211 SW Main Street
…Portland, Oregon

Our friend, Steve Bennett, has cancer. Steve has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments for the past month and has been weathering it well. As a result of having taken time off from work to deal with these health issues, and having taken a substantial hit during the recent financial crisis, Steve could really use our help right now.

For more background information on Steve and how to contribute please visit:

$11 suggested donation (additional donations welcome and noone turned away for lack of funds)

Volunteers welcome – contact to find out how

Performers include:

Jaya Lakshmi – kirtan –
Lewis Childs – singer-songwriter –
Jon Renschreiber – sound healing:
Scott Snyder acoustic trio:
Albert Kaufman – singalongs! in a big church with 200 people – Yes!
David Franklin – Classical Guitar
DJ Raku: ambiance and tunes throughout the night

Photography by Mandy Curtis:

My handout on social networking from Our Community University session 1: 7/22/10

Hand out for presentation @ Our Community University class – July 22, 2010

Here you go!  Feel free to share this

Albert Kaufman @ Albertideation – social networking guidance:

“Social networking is not just about selling, but about building relationships, sharing wonderful information, and developing trust.”

Social Networking – WHY?

  • It’s free
  • It’s easily accessible
  • It’s booming
  • It’s interesting

What social networking?

  • Facebook, FB Fan pages, FB ads and other pages (how to make a link using the @ sign ) (other interesting ways to link things)
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Using to link all of your social networks together
  • working as a team can improve your reach
  • Your team can be made up of friends or biz associates linking to one another’s work

How to be a good social networker?

  • Be friendly
  • Be upbeat
  • Be helpful, and make things easy for your friends/customers
  • Be useful
  • Show your best, positive side

When social networking?

Where social networking?

  • One page or many?
  • One account or many?
  • Advantage of doing it all yourself?
  • Advantage of hiring someone to do some of it for you?
  • Easy Access – from anywhere, just need a laptop or mobile device

Who uses social networking?

  • Small businesses
  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Causes
  • Big Business is getting on board and playing the game

Email marketing

  • Why use email marketing?
  • Harvesting your email list and that of your associates to build your business and reach. How to?
  • I recommend a monthly e-letter (does not have to be extensive – can point to blog posts, links you find interesting, a few pictures – a way to keep people interested)
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