Snowbeings 2017

Portland, Oregon, USA has just had a week of snow and ice. This is a very unusual experience and most people who are from here or who have lived here for a while went through a much slowed down time. For many it was difficult to go anywhere – driving was kept to a minimum – gold stars for those who could have driven but didn’t. And for those who drove less than they normally do. And all the sidewalk shovelers!  Massive kudos.

Among all the snow and ice we had a lot of creativity pop-up. And neighborliness.  Nextdoor was a useful tool for people to inform one another of various issues – from frozen gutters to homeless shelters needs – it’s been very busy. Here, for your enjoyment and very little editing (captions coming some day soon, maybe) are photos taken by SE Portlanders of what they made and found along the way. Enjoy – feedback always welcome in the comments section below, or via email. And now.. on with the show!

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