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I’m a musician who loves gathering friends for evenings of good food, friendship, and singing.  I love ecstatic dance and music festivals. Trying food of all kinds is one of life’s greatest pleasures and traveling is another.  I enjoy soaking in a hot spring or skinny-dipping under a waterfall.  A good adventure brings me joy, and finding a loving, smart, liberal adventurous partner would make it all that much better.  I’m interested in your passions and all the interesting things that make you tick.  Let’s discover all of these things together!

I’m a good person who treats others with kindness and I look for companions who feel the same.

I’m 61, Live in Portland, Oregon (for 20 years), like kids, and have never had any of my own. I’m a solopreneur (I run my own business), and I’m seeking someone who feels some resonance with the lists below. Feel free to pass this along to someone you think would be a good fit. Thank you! 

I’d like to find someone who is:

  1. Smart, high emotional + intelligence quotients
  2. Likes being massaged (don’t let these hands go to waste!)
  3. Good conversationalist
  4. Laughs easily, positive attitude – a person who is happy, joyful (not all the time, but more cup half full/optimistic)
  5. Nice smile
  6. Does not need a lot of financial support – I am happy to share what I have.
  7. Flexible thinker
  8. Someone with some free time, ie: not overly busy
  9. A people person
  10. Someone who loves music
  11. 4:20-friendly (you don’t have to partake, just ok with it being around sometimes)
  12. Activist or activism supporter
  13. Clear communicator
  14. Positive relationships with ex’s (you give it a try at least)
  15. Democrat or Green politically. Aware of what is happening in society and the world
  16. Has attended at least one music festival, possibly many.


  1. Jewish (I put this first cause it moves between Must and Maybe)
  2. Has adult or no kids
  3. Poly (probably not, but I have been there and people who are poly often have great communication skills and open hearts)
  4. Lives in Portland – I have moved for love in the past and I am open to that
  5. Has been to Burning Man
  6. Has BA/MA or greater (or smart)

Must not have

  1. Cig smoker
  2. Republican (or apolitical)
  3. Christian evangelical
  4. Interest in professional sports (ie, watching occasionally with family is ok)
  5. Big drinker
  6. Golfer

Got someone (or are you the person?): Please show them this post – and have them get in touch if they want to meet me via –  Thank you!

Albert Kaufman

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