The World Naked Bike Ride

I got to take part in the World Naked Bike Ride last night in Portland, Oregon. I am so thankful to live in a place that allows/encourages such an event. It was the closest I’ve come to having a feeling of being at Burning Man outside of being at Burning Man that I’ve ever felt. Freedom, silliness, purpose, making new friends, fun costumes, and the streets were blocked off for miles to allow the parade of 20K bikers to pass by. There were fans lining the streets, taking pictures and cheering us on. The weather was kind of tropical with low clouds keeping in the heat from a hot day. I love taking over the streets, there’s really nothing like it. Also, big props to my friend, Alex, who brought along a mobile music unit, the chaosolator! Made the ride even more fun! I encourage you to find out more about the various rides that are going on during the Pedalpalooza event. Thanks so much to Shift2Bikes for their organizational efforts and, see you next year!

Kind Words About Me – Albert Kaufman

Photo of the recent solar eclipse – photoshop by Larz

From one of my earliest Hebrew School teachers, Dan Aldouby, who wrote this for my birthday, May 11th:
“…It’s been quite a journey to this day, hasn’t it Albert Kaufman? Who
would have thought, those many years ago, that one of my favorite
imps, would grow into a rational, sane, thinking, mensch. I’ve been
very happy following your trail, and am so happy that, at least, one
of my students turned out to be a minor earthshaker. What you have
accomplished, thus far, to help so many other human beings,
automatically allows you entrance to any of the heavens of your
choice. You may sit at God’s footstool, study Talmud with Moses, or
you can choose to find Jesus and ask him why he allowed all who
followed to twist his teachings, or—-if you are so inclined, you
can join allah and loll with all your virgins. However, you may also
wish to return to earth. This is poses a question –Assuming that
you are reincarnated as a different species, would you be content to
just plant your roots in one place and produce aromatic flowers?
“Tis a puzzlement. Hamlet put it very well, with his famous
soliloquy. Anyway, enough of this droning. May you live to be 120
with all dentition in place, no need for medications, and reasons to
smile and laugh every day.
Happy Birthday,

Lone Fir Community Garden

3.19.12 – I believe this is a good idea, and have put this effort on hold for the time being as I learn more on the issue. Feel free to ask how it’s going, to me, and Metro…

Yes, it’s time for a new face for the SW corner of the Lone Fir Cemetery, dontcha think?  Here’s a petition to create a community garden. Please sign and encourage your friends to, thanks!

Community Garden

GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies – in PDX through the end of the month

GGGOne of the most fun theatrical experiences I have ever seen. Please, if you live in Portland, Oregon or know folks who do, come see this show!

This show is about so much more than S&M and training to be a dominatrix – this show is really about learning how to worship YOURSELF!

Radical Self-LUST! Come and get it!

The deets:

By turns raunchy, hilarious and heartbreaking, GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies is Eleanor O’Brien’s solo show about training to be a dominatrix in NYC. Far from a simple guide to whips and chains, there is a love story woven into the fabric of the S&M adventure. From tap shoes to break dance, Phil Collins to soul motion, GGG: D4D follows a deeper journey about what it means to be worshipped, and how everyone wants to be wanted.

Like the highly acclaimed series Inviting Desire, GGG:D4D shares the hallmark traits of this sex-positive theater company – erotic, authentic, and highly entertaining.

Just in time for Valentines Day, GGG: D4D opens on the 10th and runs Thurs-Sun at 8pm

Thursday shows are followed by a Q&A
Friday shows are followed by a dance party!
Saturday shows are followed by an erotic open-mic
Sunday shows are followed by cocktails at The Blue Monk.

Tickets are $15 advance and $20 at the door. Get ’em while they’re hot!

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