Albert on TV – 2011

Albert Kaufman, Jim Lockhart and Richard Carpenter on today’s issues – Portland Cable Access TV – Fall, 2011

I took part in a show with Jim Lockhart and Richard Carpenter recently to discuss population growth and other environmental issues.  I got to be the star and so thought I’d put this out into cyberspace for my own record of my current thinking and hopefully to entertain and enlighten others.  Let me know what you think.


Occupy Portland and Beyond

Occupy Portland10/18/11 – Great Article by Chris Hedges – A Movement Too Big To Fail

There’s something going on around here“, quotes Paul Krugman of the NYT. There’s some great writing about this movement and some great activism going on right now.  I thought I’d share what I’m finding.  In no particular order:

9/23 – Video of Occupy WallStreet – well done photographically…

A list/map of all Occupy Groups in the world.  Livestream of the Occupy PDX happenings.

Blog post by Chris Hedges on the People’s Republic of Portland blog – a great read as is everything he writes, IMHO.

YES Magazine author Sarah Van Gelder’s Article: Where the 99% Get Their Power: “The protests are giving the unemployed, the uninsured, the evicted, indebted students, homeless veterans, and would-be retirees a place to break out of their isolation. OccupyWallStreet shows that millions share their hardships and are standing up. Transforming shame, self-doubt, and isolation into solidarity unleashes enormous power.”

Occupy PortlandOrion Magazine’s, Christopher Ketcham’s Reign of the 99 Percenters

A list of needs of the Occupy Portland folks.  I’m sure this list is still pretty current.  Food, Shelter, Clothing are generally always needed.

Popular saying: Dear 1%, We fell asleep for a while. We just woke up. Sincerely, the 99%

Great photos from NYC protests

The Nation – 

Mazel Tov, Egypt!

Egypt2.11.11 here’s songs to Egypt – joining me in celebrating a huge victory for people everywhere.

Thank you, Egypt! and – lets sing songs to Egypt!

2.12.11 from Portlandia 2 Cairo! and


Many fine moments have I spent at the BRCPO – Black Rock City Post Office.  Here’s a picture of our post office from 2010.

bRCPO 2010

It’s been a place to laugh, cry, make friends and be theatrical in a way I’ve never experienced anywhere else in the world.  A great cauldron of humor and learning.  We’re raising money for 2011’s BRCPO and you can help by clicking here.  And, we’re always looking for help in other ways, too.  Get on board.  You won’t regret it.

In 2014 there will probably again be 3 post offices.

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