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7.7.15 – Have a great crop growing this year!

9.17.13 – so much new with the project. I grew more sunflowers this year than ever before.  Here is a link to Allen Ginsberg’s Sunflower Sutra!

5.20.12:  Hello!  I visited an ecstatic dance in Portland (from Bellingham, WA) in March and was blessed enough to be there when you were giving away sunflower seed packets.  I have been waiting patiently for the right time to plant them, and opened them this morning.  As my muddy fingers peeled the package open I was delighted to pull out not only the seeds but art as well!  It was such a neat surprise, and then to investigate where it came from, and how the quote was chosen to compliment the card.  How you put so much thought, intention and creativity in to it is so inspiring and refreshing.  Thank you for the gift, and your ripples.  It seriously added so much to my day, and I am so thankful.”
Keep shining

January 6, 2012 – The sunflower seeds are packed and ready for distribution. If you’d like a pack, please send your email address or leave it here in the comments section.  Here are some nice sunflowers we saw in SoHo recently!

10/27/11 – seeds before packing with wine and Wileyware!  New photos in the slideshow below!

10/8/11 – Photos from the garden and the beginning of next year’s sunflower seed packets!  pre-orders welcome now!


5/17/11: Am going a little lighter this year – created about 100 packets and have distributed them. Probably will do another batch and then call it over for 2011. Love that people report back and tell me they’re saving their seeds and passing them along! Thanks for the good news!

6/25/10: Well, this year’s crop is out there. Seeds have been mailed and handed out for a couple of months and now I hope to hear back from people as your sunflowers grow to maturity!  I hope you’ll send photos, and remember to save the heads of your flowers for planting next year!  Thanks for all who participate in this fun project!  Sunflowers a’hoy!

4/30/10: Thanks to my friend, Richard Ribar, and my friends Edie & Brian (farmers in Banks, OR), I have seeds to give out again this year, 2010.  If you’d like some, please get in touch!

For many years I have been planting sunflowers and saving the seeds, giving the seeds to my friends and then continuing to plant again the following year.  Over time this has led to many varieties being planted in many places from Seattle to Portland and beyond.  In the Spring of 2007 I took this project further by packaging the previous year’s seeds into 500 packets and giving them out to friends, neighbors and family and then hearing back about giant sunflowers growing all around.  This year, 2008, I have collected my seeds, and seeds from two local farms and will pack them into at least 1,000 packets and pass those out with an label in the Spring of 2009.  Today, on the eve of the election (November 3rd, 2008), I pulled seeds from some giant sunflower heads and the seeds are spread out and drying on my kitchen table.  They look like this.

Sunflower Seeds 2008

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