Join the Irvington Neighborhood Tree Planting on March 12th, 2011!

tree plantingIn partnership with Friends of Trees, the Irvington, Alameda, Sabin and Grant neighborhoods are planting trees on Saturday, March 12, 2010! Join us at 8:30am at the Holladay Park Church at 2120 NE Tillamook Street to meet friends and create a healthier community! In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to come together and build our community through our relationships and shared efforts to make our neighborhoods healthier.

For our planting we would appreciate hearing ASAP from anyone with a pick-up truck we can borrow for the day, potluck dishes to arrive at the church around 12pm for lunch for our volunteers; and neighbors who would like to help plant trees. Gloves, shovels and all necessary tools will be provided by Friends of Trees. Young people are especially welcome to join us.

Please contact Albert Kaufman at to volunteer for this year’s planting or to start thinking about how we can complete our green canopy over Irvington in 2012. I am particularly interested in seeing us move from lawns to gardens and am all for us planting lots more fruit trees to increase our local foodshed! For more information about Friends of Trees, please visit

Friends of Trees March 12th Planting in Irvington – update!

Planting in Irvington

Hi there,

Here’s an update I sent to my Irvington neighbors about our upcoming tree planting. I invite you to come to our planting on Saturday, March 12th and plant some trees with us!

1. I’d like to have t-shirts made for our tree planting. I’m going to talk to the board of the Irvington N’hood Association tonight (1/13) at their meeting at the Irvington School at 7pm about this and give them an update on the tree planting – come join me if you’d like to speak in favor of this idea or just to meet your neighbors.

2. if you haven’t picked out your tree yet, or just love to learn about trees, there will be a presentation by the fantastic (really) Jim Gersbach on 1.20. Info here

3. If you’re interested in planting a tree in your yard or planting strip, time to order is now. Please click here and order your trees – times running out to be a part of this year’s planting – click here

4. If you’d like to help me canvas NE Broadway businesses for food/drink donations for the day of planting, please email me back.

5. Next Tuesday (1/18), @ 5:30, I’ll be meeting with the other FOT n’hood coordinators from Sabin, Grant and Alameda and Jesse from FOT to talk about our planting and things we need to do before then. If you’d like to come and join us, you’re welcome.

6. Got a pick up truck we can use on the day of the planting? Great, let me know!

7. I hope you had a great New years and are enjoying 2011. If you’re curious who I am and what I’m about in the world, please have a peek at my newsletter, the Eleven, which comes out every month. If you want to receive the newsletter, just let me know.

Thanks for helping to make our corner of the world a little greener and possibly a little sweeter (think about planting fruit trees 🙂


Albert Kaufman
Irvington Friends of Trees
Neighborhood Coordinator

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