World Domination Summit 2022

Jeff Harry is feeling grateful.WDS X
As this WDS experience come to an end, it makes me think of the concept of beautiful sadness.
There is an inherent beauty in sadness, especially when an experience comes to an end. It makes me wonder if it has to end to allow us to cherish our WDS memories even more and put that inspiration into action.
If the WDS experiment was about how to live a remarkable life in a conventional world, it would have been the conventional choice for World Domination Summit to go on forever. There is nothing remarkable about that choice.
By ending, WDS has now cleared a path for WDSers to create the next iteration in building a community connected by service and adventure.
I think it can be both nerve-racking and exciting (Nerv-cited) to not know what is next, as it challenges each of us to come up with that answer.
Now, we may attempt to recreate what we’ve experienced this past decade, and we will probably be disappointed because “it just isn’t the same.” But maybe that isn’t the point. WDS is asking what is the next remarkable step each of us is willing to take in our lives and how do we want to do it with the community we cultivated here? It’s not an easy question to answer, but it sure is an exciting and remarkable one.
So, at the same time that I am really sad that it is ending, I’m also excited to see what adventures we come up with next. Thanks, everyone for creating such a magical experience at WDS! I’ll never forget it.
WDS 2022
And, away we go!

Paul Kim

I first learned about Chris after reading his book Art of Nonconformity. After that he seemed to keep popping up everywhere, and I heard him on a few different podcasts where he kept mentioning this thing called the World Domination Summit. I looked at the website, but couldn’t quite get a clear idea of what it was. I searched all over the web and found a few blogs posts here, couple of videos on social media there, but still nothing. Yet I felt something strangely drawing me to it, so I decided to book a solo ticket to Portland. Fast forward 6 WDS’s later, I’m lucky to have brought my daughter with me this year to share this special place and all of you with her. She now finally understands what this thing is that I’ve been gushing about for all these years. This week made a wonderful impact on her and I can’t think of a better way to spend time with her before she heads off to college this fall.
I still think it was the universe sending me to this special place on that initial solo trip where I’ve made so many close friends, met such incredible people, vastly expanded my knowledge and consciousness, and had truly amazing experiences.
Thank you so much, Chris. The positive impact you’ve had on me and on everyone in this community is immeasurable. It isn’t a stretch to say you saved my life in a lot of ways (and your longer hair these days does more resemble a certain prominent religious figure after all lol).
Thank you WDS core team and every single ambassador ever for your years of planning, execution, support, and service. And to the larger WDS family I never knew I needed years ago, I will miss seeing you in person dearly. Take care, travel safe, may your experiences be impactful and plentiful, and I hope to see you again down the road.

Reflection and Transference prompts (for WDS and beyond) from Iggy Perillo (Iggy@wslleadership.com)

What were memorable moments for you? Who resonated with you? What spaces, systems, or structures made things easier or more challenging for you? What meaningful lessons or ideas stuck with you? Where are you headed from here? And what is your next step on that path? (Extra credit, when, how, and where will you do that next step?) How do you need to be to follow your path or get where you want to go? (This question was stolen from Monica Von’s awesome goal-setting workshop at WDS!)

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