My Great Ideas That Have Gone Nowhere

I have a lot of ideas. Here are a couple great ones that I’d love to see in action. If you find value in any of them please take them and run with them.  Here we go.

  1. Weight Loss idea: Wear in 1lb weights the # of pounds by which you’re overweight for that many minutes per day.  Lessen weights as you lose weight. Keep going till you’re done.
  2. Defragging everyones’ commutes.  For every job that can be done anywhere in a city – 3rd grade teacher; plumber; <most service jobs here>: create a database of all of the workers, swap people by their home location or where they want to land. Thus, bringing people closer to home = less commuting. Thank you to Mr. Money Mustache for the inspiration on that one.
  3. Where Does the dirt go: Database of all earth being moved in an urban area. If I am about to remove 2 tons of earth, let the grid know and someone nearby who needs the earth can have it vs. trucking it to the ex-urbs and back. See chip drop program in Portland.
  4. It’s Sat. Feb. 8th, 2020 and I’m just getting started. Check back and I’ll add to this list 🙂
  5. All popsicle sticks should come with a tree seed in them so one could plant a tree after eating the popsicle. Idea progress: I have submitted this idea to Larry Kaplowitz, one of the founders of Coconut Bliss. He said “great idea”. – Feel free to take this idea and run with it.  Dannon? Good Humor?
  6. License plates should have QR codes or some way that a person can text a person who owns a car to let them know: a) you’re blocking my driveway b) you left your lights on c) your puppy/child/ice is overheating….. A way for this to work could also be that the person types in the State and Lisc # and then is able to text msg. to owner without knowing their phone # or other contact info.

Great ideas that have gone somewhere

  1. Farm My Yard – and on Facebook over here. And Twitter… The idea is a way to connect urban farmers with homeowners who’d like their yards farmed.  I think it’s also a possible business for teens or young adults to support themselves – providing produce to the community and local restaurants. Check out the website. I feel the idea could really take off if one neighborhood decided it wanted to be a pilot project. Or, if I decided to invest in 100 yard signs and found people to put them in their yards 🙂


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