Podcasts and TV Appearances featuring Albert Kaufman

  1. Albert with Matt Burns from Beloved 2018
  2. Interview with Matt Burns Video Summer 2019 (right after WDS) – Features me singing Ben Bochner Tune, post WDS thoughts, etc.
  3. Roundpeg – Conversation with a Life-Long Networker – Albert Kaufman – 10.30.17
  4. The Urban Farm Podcast – Albert Kaufman from Farm My Yard – 5.19.16

Farm My Yard

If you’d like to have me on as a guest on digital marketing, urban farming or other topics, I’d be happy to speak with you. Reach out @ albert@albertideation.com

My Nextdoor.com posts about Leaf Blowers – Feel free to borrow and re-post

The Case Against Leaf Blowers by Singer

Nextdoor.com posts about leaf blowers by Albert Kaufman, Portland, Oregon Please re-post these as is, credit or not. You, now :) Thank you - let's end the noise and air pollution of leaf blowers together. Pets and Leaf Blowers don't mix: Note … [Continue reading]

New and Good November 2019

Sunset in Newport Oregon

What's New and Good? Hello from Lake Albert gone! I'm sitting in our sunny dining room on November 21st and it's a fine morning. Coffee to my left, laptop to my front and a collection of house plants I've gathered over the years. I also like … [Continue reading]

The Eleven September 2019

Albert @ Beloved 2019 by Carlton Ward

The Eleven - September 2019 Greetings! I hope you've been having a great Summer. If this is your first time here, welcome! I've been writing this … [Continue reading]

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