Peter Paul Rubens Photography. Focused on people photography for 25yrs. Master Photographer, PPA

My skill and passion is to create images that compliment each person I work with, and to shine forth the spectrum each of us is.  I listen to what preferences/intents that you may have for the session, then mix that into a palette of looks suitable for uses from Professional, to Web, Speaking, Family/Relationships, or Social Media. (Facebook, general social media support and counseling.

Portland Fruit Tree Project: A wonderful organization helping to harvest Portland’s fruit and donate it to the needy and food banks of Oregon! (Facebook fan page consult – February 2012)

Friends of Trees, Portland, Oregon! A non-profit that’s all about increasing the urban canopy here and beyond! (Facebook landing page and email marketing integration with Facebook – December 2011)

Shelby Rice. Transforming women by reacquainting their authentic selves with their outer style. – (Facebook support – December 2011)

Jerry Braza, Author of The Seeds of Love: Growing Mindful Relationships (on-going Facebook and email marketing support with Constant Contact) June 2011-present
Gabriella Cordova: Author, organizer and teacher – The Lotus Heart Center (Facebook, Meet-up and marketing support) – January 2012

The Colour Authority – a hair salon in Gresham, Oregon. (on-going help with Facebook page and website integration) June 2011 – present

Nourishing Medicine: Elie Cole: “Nourishing Medicine is located within Cypress Beauty & Wellness: an oasis of tranquility where you can take a deep breath and let go; where a group of compassionate professionals invite you to the experience of beauty and wellness.” Sellwood: (on-going social media support for staff of wellness center.)

Jane Barthalomy, Healthy Deserts Now! – Book Author (Facebook and marketing help) June 2011

Paula Springer/Sugar Shift: “Cultivating your innate energy source.” (Facebook and email marketing support) June 2011

Naturokits: Naturopathic Care Packages. (Facebook Fan Page and marketing support)

Bright Earth Foods: Superfood for Superhumans. (Facebook fan page, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Channel and other marketing support)

Working Design: Graphic Design Firm. (Facebook fan page, social networking support, marketing, SEO)

Aaron H. Trotter: visual artist. (social networking support, brainstorming how to sell an incredible line of local Portland greeting cards, administrative support)

Spyder Carneol: Tao Shiatsu- the “hands-on” form of Oriental Medicine. (social networking support and email marketing)

Jeff Cohen: Personal Advocate (social networking support and media outreach for new business)

Kellee Beaudry: Incredible Portraiture of People and Animals (Constant Contact account creation, FB and other social networking support)

Bill Fantini – Photographer and Artist (Social Networking tune-up, Etsy, general focusing of a variety of efforts) Bill is also represented by the Love Art! Gallery mentioned below.

Bill Beach: Jazz Musician: (Social Networking tune-up) Bill’s new CD Brasil Beat is great, and worth owning!

Love Art! Gallery: Great family-run art collective and gallery in Sellwood, OR (helped with social networking and increasing exposure)

Georgette Star: Life Blessing Institute and Maiden Spirit (social networking, Constant Contact support, and event marketing)

Scott Yelton: Peace Warriors (social networking, FB fanpage creation and promotion)

YEACamp!: A summer camp for teenagers teaching them activism (Marketing, promotion, brainstorming, outreach)

Jo Alexis Bronstein, singer-song writer (social networking to promote this amazing professional singer/songwriter and performer)

Carlos Montano – hair artist (created social networking plan for his business)

Cathy Zheutlin of Holy Rascals (created social networking plan and implemented it for her movie website 2011-ongoing) Facebook page:

Lewis Childs – Groundswell Studios (taught fundamentals of social networking, and created new FB fanpage)

Maggie Zadikov – Acupuncturist (on-going support for e-mail and other systems)

Marcia Wiley – Wileyware (on-going marketing and social networking support for incredible sparkling glassware. Facebook Ad creation, placement and monitoring. Event management)

Hans Barklis: Musician Extrodinaire! Available for weddings and private parties (promotion & management of outstanding local musician)

Susan Cerf – School for Conscious Hearts (on-going support for e-mail and marketing)

Jeffrey Goodman – NuSkin, Healing Business
Eleanor O’Brien, Actor – Dance Naked Productions (Constant Contact support, promotion of theater production for a 4-week run)

Roxanne Patruznick – Fine Artist

Marc Gadoua – Heaven-Earth Acunpuncture (website maintenance)

Kate McNulty – Therapist (social networking training)

Bob Czimbal – The Abundance Company (on-going support for e-mail and other systems)

Annelise Kelley – Travel & Food Writer (social networking and blog training)

Robin Denburg – Real Estate Agent (on-going brainstorming on how to include social networking in his business efforts)

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