Reviews for Albert Kaufman

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

If you’re looking for someone to setup and manage your Constant Contact account, Albert’s the guy. He’s enthusiastic, creative, and plugged in. He works well with clients, listening to what they want and incorporating his expertise to get them what they need. In the face-paced, ever-changing world of social media, he stays ahead of the curve, mindful of the latest trends and of what works well for the individuals he’s working with. As a web developer, I’ve referred clients to Albert to handle this important networking and marketing piece. In all cases those clients have raved. I’m confident you will, too.

Bill Scheider, WordPress Developer, first encounter design

“Albert, Thank you for such a great introduction to some basics around Facebook and Fan Pages! Sometimes we just need to get our feet a little wet in order to dig in and create something AMAZING!  I have wanted to create a Fan page since they came about and would just get confused and never begin. I know several of us felt more Empowered when we finished the class.  So THANKS for giving me some simple tools to take those first tiny steps and perhaps we can have another class once I get the basics going well!”

Morgine Jurden, Animal Healer, March 9, 2011

“Albert’s passion for creating community and helping people thrive is evident in all that he does. Whether it’s sitting one-on-one, networking like-minded folks, or creating events, Albert has a natural gift for helping people feel valued, seen, and supported. His generosity and care, as well as his knowledge and expertise, is a powerful combination that guarantees both connection and success.”

David Franklin, Men’s Embodiment Coach and Facilitator, August 3, 2010

“Albert Kaufman is a great man to help you organize and plan your life and your career. He is able to shine a light on your best assets. In working with Albert, his ability and strengths with technology and networking helps your business and ideas come to life either in you, your life , your business or your web site. Because he knows how to connect, he Connects and helps you get connected to people who can grow your business…. and you will have a fun time doing it….. Many blessings. Albert, thanks for all your coaching in my life and thanks for the music….”

Amira Sue-Lin Simons, Therapist

“Albert is a creative and energetic team member. I wish I had time to follow up on all of his ideas. I know if I did my business would grow by leaps and bounds. He is a natural sales person for anything he believes in. I would work with him again in many different capacities.”

Michele Brooks, Consultant, The Abundance Company

“Albert has an amazing natural ability in viral marketing. I observed Albert transform a small recycling project (Freecycle) in Tucson, AZ with 1000 participants into a worldwide phenomenon with millions of people saving mountains of garbage from landfills.”

Brian Lundquist, CEO, 7th Wave, Inc. and Nanotechnology Now


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