Deliver Me


All of the Delivery Place links DoorDash Albert GoPuff Albert Grubhub Albert Instacart Albert … [Continue reading]

Portland, Oregon Rental Market 2021

Renting in Portland, Oregon 2021 I have been living in Portland, Oregon since 2002. During that time it's been all shared housing, but recently I've been subletting a friend's house for the 2nd year in a row while he and his wife are off in warmer … [Continue reading]

What’s an Influencer?

Am I an Influencer?

Am I an Influencer? The other day I posted a story about the quick decline in Covid-19 cases in the US since Biden became president. I got pushback from a few friends who remarked that there was not necessarily a direct correlation between the two … [Continue reading]

Eventicizing into the New Year


Before I begin - my heart goes out to everyone in Texas and everywhere else where people are without power. Here's a Recipe for Eventicizing During the Pandemic Ingredients Time Chutzpah A Paid Zoom account Decent internet … [Continue reading]

Virtual Memorials Run Well

Maui Tree

Virtual Memorials In the past few months I've been asked to help with 3 virtual services. Here are a few of the things I've learned. If you would like my help with a virtual memorial please reach out.   Probably as with the rest of life, every … [Continue reading]

The Timber Industry of Today Part 1-5 – Logging in Oregon

Here's a 5-part series from Vernonia's Voice.  Enjoy VoicePt1Timber2020 - August 20th, 2020 VoicePt2Timber2020 VoicePt3Timber2020 VoicePt4Timber2020 VoicePt5Timber2020 And, from the wayback machine. "I had the wonderful opportunity … [Continue reading]

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