Do you have a community, group of friends, or family that you love?

There is no Them - The Eleven

Get yourself and your loved ones vaccinated as soon as possible. The sooner you get yourself, friends and family vaccinated, the sooner you and they will feel safer and more at ease being together. If we each do this here's what's coming: A … [Continue reading]

Getting Rid of Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers – GLBs – A Variety Pack of Ideas

How to organize your community to ban gas-powered leaf blowers: Gas-powered leaf-blowers (GLBs) are noisy and polluting tools. There are better alternatives. Here are some ways our local Portland group, Quiet Clean PDX has gone about trying to … [Continue reading]

Why to have multiple parties for big life moments

Happy Birthday Albert

Parties: How to! It's a great idea to have multiple parties for big life moments. When I turned 50 I held 7 events.  Interestingly, there wasn't much overlap in the various people who came to each one. I highly recommend this approach. Enjoy! … [Continue reading]

Deliver Me


All of the Delivery Place links DoorDash Albert GoPuff Albert Grubhub Albert Instacart Albert … [Continue reading]

Portland, Oregon Rental Market 2021

Renting in Portland, Oregon 2021 I have been living in Portland, Oregon since 2002. During that time it's been all shared housing, but recently I've been subletting a friend's house for the 2nd year in a row while he and his wife are off in warmer … [Continue reading]

What’s an Influencer?

Am I an Influencer?

Am I an Influencer? The other day I posted a story about the quick decline in Covid-19 cases in the US since Biden became president. I got pushback from a few friends who remarked that there was not necessarily a direct correlation between the two … [Continue reading]

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