It's in the Cards! I've been playing cards since I was a kid. The game in my house was hearts. I also have a friend, Aaron Trotter, who has been sketching the world's cities (starting with Alberta Street in Portland, Oregon) and turning the sketches … [Continue reading] ideas 💡

Mr. Natural, Making the future great. R. Crumb Ideas Here are some ideas I posted on the site - which is still fascinating.  Enjoy. large-scale textbk review web (3 votes)  Date submitted: Jul 22 2008 💡 Wnd Turbine on Trns line … [Continue reading]

Defeating Climate Change by Dismantling World Economies

River and Forest

Climate Change I’ve been working on a campaign to rid my City, Portland, Oregon of gas-powered leaf blowers. This seems like low-hanging fruit in our fight to stop climate change. DC just banned them, so I figure we can do the same. While I’m … [Continue reading]

Why Do We Hurt Ourselves and Each Other?


Why? I spend a lot of time thinking about how to make my neighborhood and world a better place to live.  Sometimes I'm focused on climate change issue - big ticket items like population growth or stopping clear-cutting. But much of the time I think … [Continue reading]

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