My Great Ideas That Have Gone Nowhere

I have a lot of ideas. Here are a couple great ones that I'd love to see in action. If you find value in any of them please take them and run with them.  Here we go. Weight Loss idea: Wear in 1lb weights the # of pounds by which you're … [Continue reading]


Farm My Yard

Podcasts and TV Appearances featuring Albert Kaufman Albert with Matt Burns from Beloved 2018 Interview with Matt Burns Video Summer 2019 (right after WDS) - Features me singing Ben Bochner Tune, post WDS thoughts, etc. Roundpeg - … [Continue reading]

My posts about Leaf Blowers – Feel free to borrow and re-post

The Case Against Leaf Blowers by Singer posts about leaf blowers by Albert Kaufman, Portland, Oregon Please re-post these as is, credit or not. You, now :) Thank you - let's end the noise and air pollution of leaf blowers together. Pets and Leaf Blowers don't mix: Note … [Continue reading]

New and Good November 2019

Sunset in Newport Oregon

What's New and Good? Hello from Lake Albert gone! I'm sitting in our sunny dining room on November 21st and it's a fine morning. Coffee to my left, laptop to my front and a collection of house plants I've gathered over the years. I also like … [Continue reading]