Tips for Thriving During Quarantine

Seize the Opportunity

MENTAL HEALTH WELLNESS TIPS FOR QUARANTINE Here are some excellent coping strategies and mental health wellness tips posted by New York State doctoral-level clinical psychologist, Eileen Feliciano, Psy.D., based on her work with clients struggling … [Continue reading]

Living Together Guidelines

Mr. Natural, Making the future great. R. Crumb

Willow Cottage Basic Guidelines by Andrine de la Rocha, Massage Therapist Welcome to Willow Cottage! We’re happy that you’ll be joining us for a time. In order to make your stay more wonderful for everyone, please be mindful of these basic … [Continue reading]

Vitamin T

Vitamin T

Vitamin T (Healthy Touch) and deepening connections with self and community - from Mr and Ms T During these challenging times, it’s essential to maintain the TLC normally found in touch contact. Here are some suggestions for increasing energetic and … [Continue reading]


We can talk on Zoom, here. … [Continue reading]

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