Why Do We Hurt Ourselves and Each Other?


Why? I spend a lot of time thinking about how to make my neighborhood and world a better place to live.  Sometimes I'm focused on climate change issue - big ticket items like population growth or stopping clear-cutting. But much of the time I think … [Continue reading]

Opening and Closing Doors

Closing Door

How we open and close doors matters There is a door at my local yoga studio, Yoga Union, which leads to the outside world. People come in and out of the building all day long. Some open the door and then let it slam shut. Others, take a little … [Continue reading]

Saying What’s Real

SAYING WHAT'S REAL BY SUSAN M. CAMPBELL Communication between people is a multilayered process. Because of this fact, many of us feel inadequate in our attempts to understand others and be understood. Whenever any two people try to communicate, … [Continue reading]

2018 Biz Year in Review


Here are my business newsletters for Albertideation for 2018. Enjoy - get in touch with any questions or comments or feel free to comment below. January 2018 - I shared about using holidays to market your business: … [Continue reading]

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