Strummit 2018

Strummit Peacock

Strummit - Northwest String Summit Here's my review of Strummit 2018. This was my 3rd visit to the festival and I think I'm on board for more more more! Here are some of the highlights and some suggestions to make the festival even … [Continue reading]

The Eleven – July 2018

There is no Them - The Eleven

You Bet Your Sweet Bippity - The Eleven - July 2018 Here's the Eleven for July 2018 - We find ourselves at a crossroads right now. We have an opportunity to make good decisions and save ourselves and future generations (and other species) from … [Continue reading]

World Domination Summit 2018

new friends from #wds2018

How to live an extraordinary life in a conventional world! I've been hearing about the (World Domination Summit) WDS for many years. Little drips and drabs of "this was amazing" - "this blew my socks off", etc.  But somehow it never led to me … [Continue reading]

Howdy Pardner

Albert Kaufman

Want my Help with your Marketing? I've partnered with a few local businesses over the years. One thing I've noticed by working closely with them is that their lists have grown and they seem to be succeeding. In one case a local restaurant definitely … [Continue reading]

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