Neighborhood Notes – My Nextdoor Postings

My postings The post above was my first post on - a social media site like Facebook that's organized by neighborhood. I believe is the best tool for local organizing that's ever existed and I do what I can to … [Continue reading]

Lopping and Helping One Another


Lopping and helping one another I was walking by Richmond Elementary School just now. Kids playing, sun shining, laughter in the air. If you need a reminder of something good in the world - walk by a playground full of kids. Across the street a … [Continue reading]

9.11.18 The Eleven

Albert and Alex music by the River Augut 2018

The Eleven 9.11.18 Greetings! Well, how about that - Summer was here and now it's waning! B ooo! I hope you had a great one - quick - write me back and tell me something fun you did this Summer! I had a pretty … [Continue reading]

Beloved 2018

Beloved Festival 2018 by Maggie Jane Cech

Beloved 2018 This was Beloved Festival's 11th magical year. If you know me at all, you know that 11's are a big part of my life. From my newsletter (The Eleven) to my birthday (the 11th of May) - 11's are key. You may have also seen me raise my hand … [Continue reading]

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