Constant Contact VIP

Constant Contact account holders can join my VIP program here!

If you would like my expert help to make the most of your email marketing efforts using your Constant Contact account – for free – contact me and let’s get started!

Joining my program costs you and your organization nothing, it simply lets Constant Contact know that I will be assisting you in your email marketing efforts and that’s what I’ll do!

Here are some examples of how I can help you:

The bottom line is that I will become a brand ambassador for your company/effort.

You can choose from these types of offerings:

  • An email review – I’ll send you a review of your current email newsletter or autoresponder series
  • I can encourage you to send out your newsletter regularly
  • I can help you transition to a mobile-friendly email template
  • Let’s make sure you’re using the various sign-up tools available
  • I can help you save money on your Constant Contact account.
  • I can provide free videos about new email marketing and social media features.
  • I can promote your business when I give classes and seminars – using clients as examples gives you further exposure
  • I often network businesses I work with together – introducing you to great people who can help you with your business or become future clients!

Let’s get started today!

Please contact me to learn more:

Albert Kaufman is Master Certified