Georgia on my Mind

Is Georgia on your mind?  It’s on mine 🙂

As Trevor Noah says “If you didn’t know, now you know.” It’s suddenly all about 🍑 Georgia 🍑. If you want to see the Democrats in charge of the US Senate, we have one shot at that coming up in the 2 run-off races happening this January 5th. Leading up to that there is a chance to register new voters until December 7th – always a good idea. Please take a look and sign up @ to help this group. Donate if you can. And, tell your friends to get involved, as well.

For lots more information on these two races and how you and your friends can get involved, click here:

Click on the share links above or below to help get the word out about these important races. Or, you can sit back and watch Senator Mitch McConnell make President Biden’s life more difficult by blocking Senate confirmations of his cabinet members and future judge picks. Let’s not let that happen.
I’m learning and playing songs about Georgia. Cause when it’s peach pickin time in Georgia… it’s gal pickin time for me…
Let’s win these races!
PS – If you need encouragement to keep going, please reach out.

Ossoff, Warnock start Georgia runoffs behind the eight ball

Joe Biden says he wants to overhaul the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Step one: Get the nation to mask up. Easy, right? Not when a bloc of GOP governors remain opposed to the idea. Both parties are mobilizing for a two-month…

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Ray Charles: Georgia on my Mind
Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind (Live)
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