Let’s all stop with the likes, hearts and emojis

Likes, Hearts and Emoji Responses Waste Time

We all live in a social media world. We all review our notifications from various platforms – which can take time. My main ones are Facebook, Alignable, and Nextdoor. Want to save everyone (including yourself) time? Stop liking, thumbs-upping, or adding an emoji to all posts. This goes double for group texts or really any texts. For anyone who creates any kind of content the time it takes to scroll through to get through to useful engagement (actual text, voice response, or what have you) is significant and could be saved. But we all have to play along to make this work!

If you’d like to participate in a meaningful way on something I post – please say something or just move along!  This will save you time, too. Because once you respond with an emoji, you’re likely to get notified yourself anytime anything happens on that post.  You don’t want that!  So, skip the liking for everyone’s sake – especially your own. Our time is precious, let’s not waste it because developers have created a “feature”. Thank you for considering. If you have thoughts on this, please comment below!

Over the years I’ve written extensively about using various social media. If you search on the one you’re curious about on my site you can find articles on how to use Facebook, Nextdoor, and Alignable in ways you probably haven’t thought of yet!  Try that search bar (also on social media, btw – the search functions are phenomenal).

Have a great day! Enjoy your time!

Albert (art in this piece by my friend, Zen Achilles)

PS – here are useful reasons for liking a piece of online comment.
1. Indicating you’ve seen a response, but nothing more.