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Whynot.net Ideas

Here are some ideas I posted on the Whynot.net site – which is still fascinating.  Enjoy.

large-scale textbk review web

In order to improve textbooks and thus improve the education and minds of those in school (at all levels) who will use them here is what I propose.

A website that acts as a clearing house, and improvement center. Anyone who is interested can get hold of a textbook, read it, and give it a review including ideas for improvement and corrections. There could be a rating system from

a: this book is complete crap and should never be found in a student’s hands


z: this book hits the nail on the head and is pretty good as is.

If adults were willing to involve themselves in such a review, we could put pressure on textbook makers to improve their product, because now, there is no such feedback loop.

The goal would be to get better-written, more captivating textbooks into the hands of students through an extensive system of community review.

I think this is a great idea and would love to work with others to get it started. If you agree, please get in touch with me at albertkaufman @ gmail.com


Albert Kaufman, Jul 22 2008
(3 votes)  Date submitted: Jul 22 2008


Wnd Turbine on Trns line tower

(2 votes)  Date submitted: Aug 16 2006


Collage Maker 1.0

(2 votes)  Date submitted: Jan 11 2005


Washer/Dryer in one appliance!

(5 votes)  Date submitted: Dec 29 2004


Removing impervious surfaces

(4 votes)  Date submitted: Dec 08 2004


Co-housing works

(4 votes)  Date submitted: Dec 08 2004


Metro supplied van pools

(1 votes)  Date submitted: Dec 08 2004


Improving the Oregonian

(2 votes)  Date submitted: Nov 18 2004


Energy-saving tips at the pump

(4 votes)  Date submitted: May 21 2004


Phil Busse for Mayor’s top 100

(1 votes)  Date submitted: May 05 2004


1,000 Ways to improve PDX Traf

(1 votes)  Date submitted: Apr 20 2004


Mount Hood National Park

(2 votes)  Date submitted: Apr 20 2004


This Shrinking World

(3 votes)  Date submitted: Dec 31 2003


Cement Snowmen/Snow-women

(4 votes)  Date submitted: Dec 30 2003


Freecycle – tis a gift to be .


(19 votes)  Date submitted: Nov 11 2003

Leave the Leaves by DKG Graphics

All from this site whynot.net which is no longer active as of 2023. But you can find it via the wayback machine on Archive.org if you’re curious about it.