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Albert is an Email Expert!

by PeteL77 on 07/06/2014

If you’re looking for friendly, expert help with your Constant Contact and other marketing needs, look no further. Albert has taught me many email marketing tricks and shared the down-low on many of Constant Contact’s special features, including Surveys, Segmenting, and Template design. Albert is willing to sit down and literally walk you through everything, step by step, at your own pace, and on your own time requirements. Highly recommended Constant Contact Expert!


Constant Contact is great!

by Downtown Boise Association on 07/21/2020

We use Constant Contact for all public and membership newsletters, surveys, and contact databases. Never any issues!


Grateful for working with Albert!

by SteveH730 on 07/10/2020

Albert has been a wonderful coach, advisor, and all-around champion for our organization for several years. He brings energy and enthusiasm to all of his work and provides thoughtful and encouraging advice when we need it most. We have been lucky to work with Albert over the years and recommend him highly for his creativity, excellent skills in marketing, and commitment to the community. Thanks, Albert!


Conversation With Albert

by LarryJ345 on 06/28/2020

As an entrepreneur I get to work, study, and teach all types of people oftentimes our personalities don’t match but sometimes they do. That’s the case with Albert he has a sort of soft-spoken way he shares information with his clients that allows them to relax and absorb his message. I had the privilege of interviewing Albert on one of my Zoom Interviews and since that time we’ve been able to share content back and forth in emails and I continue to learn from his many years of experience and wisdom.


A true marketing professional and coach

by US_Archive on 08/21/2019

Albert is a master at keeping things simple and understandable. I’m just getting going again with Constant Contact and his advice has been well taken. He has also helped to make me feel more comfortable about including some of my personal feelings about climate change, Puget Sound, etc., into my business messages. Why not…


CC demystified: Albert knows Constant Contact like the back of his hand

by kymbo1 on 07/30/2019

I’ve worked with Albert for over 4 years attending workshops, one on one with CC, and in a few different PDX communities. He has a very calming presence that is critical in learning something new and techy. Albert has helped me see how easy it is to use CC and he is very patient and empathetic with me, as I struggle with dyslexia as well. Thanks, Albert. I look forward to another session with you soon. Kim Gordon Cumbo


Working with Albert Kaufman

by MarkB952 on 01/23/2019

I’ve worked with Albert for years and he’s a great resource, teacher, and go-to guy for not only Constant Contact emails but for social media strategies in general. From a workshop on email marketing I attended in his living room years ago to the larger workshops he leads now, Albert always has helpful tips and shortcuts to take you to the next level, wherever you are. I highly recommend Albert…


Wow, what a jewel!

by Parrish_Books on 11/14/2018

I sent an email asking if I could hire Albert to help me with the newsletter I always struggle to create. I was prepared to pay for his time but he immediately jumped in and got me headed in the right direction with a free consultation I was not expecting. (I was wrapping a book order when he responded so quickly so I dropped everything and listened to what he had to say. And I am glad I did.) I think I am going to finagle some of his time to make other improvements in our business approach to media. Whatever he charges will be more than worth it. Thanks, Albert.


Charles Baldwin

by charlesb680 on 09/04/2018

Albert is the reason we subscribe to Constant Contact. He is a knowledgeable professional in all facets of online communication. He listens well, is able to pinpoint problems and recommend solutions, is always available when a need arises, and he is creative. I cannot think of enough superlatives to describe this man. Find time to meet him and he will not disappoint.


Terrific coach and champion

by SteveH730 on 09/04/2018

We have been blessed to work with Albert Kaufman as our email marketing coach and promoter. He has coached me over the years to produce newsletters with a growing readership and reminded me of features and new products that we could use to strengthen our message. Plus, he’s a real champion for our mission and programs. Special thanks to Albert for all his support and encouragement!



by JenniferG27 on 09/01/2018

Albert was super fast and helpful! He gave us some great ideas for getting more opens and clicks and they worked. When we need email help, we call Albert!


genuinely helpful

by PaulL488 on 08/30/2018

Albert has always generously offered his support and insight in a way that is truly helpful to someone like me, who is not overly fluent in computer matters. Albert has an expanded sense of vision, in that he is very interested in supporting people and projects that will benefit the greater good.


Love working with Albert Kaufman

by StephenH067 on 08/22/2016

Albert is an excellent advisor on email marketing, surveys, and broader communications strategies. He listens well, provides sound advice, and genuinely cares about our success. He also provides recommendations on how we can enhance our outreach and communications, and he is willing to provide hands-on support. It’s been a true privilege working with Albert! Thanks! Steve Higgs SAGE Executive Director


Excellent Marketing Coach

by NigelL83 on 08/05/2016

Albert listened to my story when I first contacted him with great interest and has helped me understand the basics of email marketing. We are about to launch our first campaign. I could not have a better guide to assist me. Thanks, Albert.


Countless Helpful Suggestions!

by SteveB9336 on 08/04/2016

“I first met Albert at the Oregon Country Fair in 2015, and he immediately had some useful suggestions as to how to make my newsletters more small-screen friendly, and more appealing in general. Since that time, he has offered countless helpful suggestions that have led to more compelling communications and a happier and more vital list. He also reinforced the benefits of my own humorous “Daily Laughsitive” feature by doing one of his own, Song A Day. Steve Bhaerman Author, comedian


So helpful

by KellyA060 on 04/02/2021

I’ve been a Constant Contact customer for nine years and have been very pleased with all the services. I needed to take my marketing to the next level and I’m a one-woman show and not super tech savvy so tend to hesitate when it comes to learning how to navigate new things. I scheduled a consult with Albert and it was so helpful! Very hands-on and I not only better understand the systems I wanted to start using but also got several great little nuggets that he showed me. Really appreciate this service!


Learning How to Be a More Effective Activist – Any Ideas?

Send MailHow to be a More Effective Activist – Seeking Your Input

Something I’m thinking about lately is “what does effective action look like“. I’ve been activating on getting rid of gas-powered leaf blowers in Portland for a while. Things seem to be moving in the right direction – partially due to the actions I mention here.
When I arrived in Philadelphia on a family visit I was hit with a series of noisy lawn care equipment operating all around the area. It’s non-stop here. Anyway, I wrote to various members of the Philadelphia City Council.  I hopped on Nextdoor (yep, you can be in more than one neighborhood 🙂 But I’m wondering if it’s taking me and others such a long time to get rid of what I see as an obvious move to push back against climate change – then what chance do we have to make the bigger changes that we need to make?
Maybe I’m learning something along the way that I or someone else will be able to take and use. Toolmaking 🙂 Thanks for listening and I’m open to reflections on this issue.
Please join the effort on this issue @ – and feel free to comment below!
4.18.22 – One thought that I haven’t enunciated enough is to talk directly to the people around you. If you want to effect neighborhood change – start with the people who live next-door to you. Also, there’s an art to persuasion – and I don’t mean that people should be trying to put one over on a neighbor. But having your ideas together and being able to present a clear and compelling case makes a difference. Which brings me back to Toastmasters (and may actually get me back as an active Toastmaster 🙂  I’ve always wanted to have a club near me – SE Portland…

Get a Great Night’s Sleep


If you want to get a good night’s sleep I highly recommend purchasing a pair of inexpensive construction headphones. I talk about this in this video. Many people have followed my advice on this and are now happier lifetime users! Generally, like most things, when you bring up how you can help someone’s life be better they generally push back with various reasons why your suggestion won’t work. Here are some common pushbacks to this idea:


  • Q: Won’t I have to sleep on my side? I like to sleep on my back.
  • A: Once you’re sleeping you’ll hardly notice the headphones and you’ll sleep soundly. Sometimes this takes a night to get used to and it might not work every night depending on your headphones and sleeping situation. For instance, you might also consider getting a new split king adjustable bed or something similar.
  • Q: Won’t the headphones push pretty hard on my head?
  • A: You can pull them apart if that happens and again – if you’re sleeping you’ll hardly notice the pressure on your head. You’ll be sound asleep
  • Q: Question and push back after push back
  • A: You’ll be sleeping and whatever it is won’t bother you – you’ll be dreaming and enjoying some really deep sleep!
Add on an eye pillow of some kind (I like the ones filled with lavender) and possibly a winter hat if you’re going to be outside at a music festival and the evening is chilly – and you’ll sleep so soundly that you’ll wake up rested and ready for the day.
Using headphones has changed my life. I started using them in 2000 at my first Burning Man and have kept up the practice for years. There’s really nothing like it. I keep a pair by my bed and always make sure to take them with me when I go traveling. The few people who have followed my advice and tried this out are also much happier sleepers.  
Then, there are the many other things you can do to get a good night’s sleep. Here are some that you can add in – but I would argue that the headphones and darkness really are all you need.

  • Darkness: if you can find black-out curtains or something that will make the room you’re in dark – that’s fantastic and will help.
  • Try not to drink caffeine after noon. This is true for chocolate or any other stimulants.  Also, cannabis can keep one awake so I’d recommend limiting that in the evenings, as well.
  • Turn off all electronic devices as far from sleepytime as you can. At least give yourself an hour of time between screen and pillow.
  • Exercise daily. That will also help tire you so you’ll get a great night’s sleep.  All of these above suggestions are going to help you. If you have further ideas and would like to help me build out my list – please add them in the comments section below. Thank you and have a great night’s sleep!
Yours in dreamland, Albert Kaufman
Author after a great night’s sleep in Prineville, Oregon (a sleepy little town if ever there was one!)



1999 – Trip to Hong Kong, China, and Viet Nam

July 6, 2003 – Riversong Writing

July 6, 2003 – Riversong Writing

First time at Sola and Cosmo’s in Hood River, Oregon. It’s very pleasant. Jeff, Stay, Larry, Cosmo, Sola Michele, Deb, John Manns, Pam Hoke, a variety of locals and their boys, Bob & Maggi, Sarah, Brent, Winnie, Rick, and a black cat. Camilla of the flower essences – watching Larry and she cuddle was fun. Goat burritos on the way in. Storm stopped by yesterday with a sarong for Erica. Where is Erica many want to know? Good question. Part of me feels she should be here – her friends/tribe are here. Par to f me is very glad to get to do what I want to do without reservation, consideration of her needs. Pam just told me I was in her dreams last night. That we were being sweet with each other. She also shared a picture of Edie (Tierra del Milagro) and a poem on the internet. It’s nice that we’ve had that constant connection over the years – Breitenbush (she’s also done RC), Costa Rica, River Song I’m sitting at the end of a long row of picnic tables facing woods and a steep slope behind. Wind chimes in the breeze, people waking, hugging, breakfast being prepared in the communal kitchen. It’s a little rough and gritty here but also very beautiful. Lots of green, lots of birds. Last night we had a nice big dinner/potluck and a talent show. Yesterday being naked on the river, dunking.

  • the stationary I’m writing on has at the top: “To be truly free is to be bathed in nature with no boundaries”.



Send Mail

Direct Mail

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know I’m a big fan of sending mail. From a very early age, I started collecting stamps. First I inherited a collection from an uncle and that was the beginning of a hobby that continues on to this day. I’ve also been highly involved in a Burning Man theme camp called the BRCPO which stands for the Black Rock City Post Office. And in between these two things there have been years of sending letters for all sorts of reasons – letters to the editor; letters to friends; and trying out direct mail for marketing purposes. 

 These days the mail has been in the news for a variety of reasons. The previous president tried to use the USPS to restrict peoples’ ability to vote. He even installed a puppet to lead the USPS who the current administration is trying to oust, but it’s not that easy! But through all of this, I’ve remained a huge fan of sending mail. Now as someone who is involved in marketing I also recognize mail as a marketing channel and it has a special place in my heart because it is an underutilized marketing channel. What this means is that anyone who uses the mail to send out marketing materials is going to have a bigger impact than those who pass on this opportunity. 

Currently, there are many ways to send out mailmerged letters to hundreds or thousands of people. You probably receive this type of correspondence frequently from companies offering credit card opportunities, for instance. But when was the last time you got a letter from a friend? Did you know for instance that there are ways to send handwritten thank you cards online? I’ve been playing around with this concept for a couple of years.  There are ways to automate sending emails and there are also ways to send out cards using similar online processes. 

One of the niftiest things is if you get a chance – take a picture with someone at an event and then send them a card via the mail soon after including the picture. Sending a thank you card is a way to indicate to the person that they are special to you. That the time together was important. And also shows off your savvy use of technology. What’s really interesting about all of this is how technology continues to advance. Now it’s even possible to have the card printed using your own handwriting – talk about personal!  

If you want to really take this to the next level you can just use the old-fashioned pen and ink version. See the picture above. A good friend, Taj, gave me a stack of Postcard to Voters postcards and I used these this year for my annual New Year’s card to friends. I also created a little game where I’d bring the cards with me to times when I’d be with other friends and we’d all take a turn saying hi to various friends we have in common. Then, the person on the receiving end would get a hello from a bunch of friends rather than just me. I also had friends address cards to themselves so I could take those forward. It’s been a fun experience and it’s all thanks to the US mail that I can have this much fun and spread this much joy. 

So, if you’re interested in discussing using direct mail in a marketing approach, please get in touch. I’d be happy to speak to you about it, and if you want to take any ideas I share here and run with them – go for it. Try just sending one card out and see what happens. I promise you you’ll be surprised and your friend will be overjoyed! 

Happy Postal goodness. Albert