blabI’m having my world rocked by blab. Sounds silly, but it’s not. If you’re a workshop leader, someone with a book, someone who wants to learn about relationships, get coached or are a life coach (or wannabe), or just open to something interesting, I recommend hopping on and learning how to use blab. it’s at – you need a Twitter account to join in. I recommend using some sort of headset (the higher quality, the better your experience) if you decide to join a conversation – the better your internet setup (plug directly into your router, if you can), the better you’ll come across.

What is happening on here – I’ve never seen anything like it. The people who are being attracted to it are curious, open, real, and smart. Not everyone, of course. If you find yourself in a blab with people who aren’t doing it for you move on. I was part of two different conversations today, and have been on about 5 all together, and watched a couple more.

What you teach/share/know about is information that people will find interesting on blab. I feel like I’m somewhat adept at relationships/email marketing/music/burning man/the Grateful Dead and talking about these topics – and, it’s been a blast to share what I know – and – I’m learning a lot from hearing what others are sharing, too.

This is new/interesting tech. It’s a bit glitchy at times – sometimes there are echos (use headphones at the very least). Sometimes people can only get video and not audio – and there’s a little netiquette to learn. And, if you don’t find it fascinating, that’s OK, too. I’m just reporting what I’m finding. I’m on there as @albertkaufman and @farmmyyard if you want to come like/follow me – but really, I think you’ll find quickly that there are a lot of interesting, smart, creating, classy people doing this. I’ve met more Europeans in the last 72 hours than in the last year. I may post more about this, but for now I figured I’d start with this. Welcome aboard if you choose to try it.

Blab on!

Ed: Right after I wrote this post, I did this blab on email marketing (link to blab)(link to Youtube version). 1 hour 15 minutes, with my friend, Twanda Hill. Enjoy

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