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Zen Achilles turns his friends into magic. Here’s the latest version he did for my 60th birthday in 2021.

And here are some more from the past – enjoy!

Artist Statement

Artist StatementBrasil Bowling Pin
I created a bowling pin for the upcoming event : Friends of Doernbecher Bowling with Heart Bowlathon on Sunday, November 4 at Big Al’s in Beaverton!  Here is my artist’s statement and a pic of my work: 

Albert Kaufman is an artist, visionary, social media expert, and activist for world change living in Portlandia, Oreganic.

As a child, I collected stamps. Before Flikr, Picassa, Facebook, and other image-sharing media, we learned about other places in other ways. Stamp collecting was my way of learning about places like Brasil. By looking closely at the images on stamps, one can see beautiful artwork, cultural references, famous leaders, and stunning photography of the world. All in a tiny space like you’ll see on this Brasil Pin. I first really took note of the South American country of Brasil through the music of Forro – the music of Northeastern Brasil. Places like Caruaru and Campina Grande in the state of Pernambuco are the birthplace of this music now popular throughout Brasil and the world. I eventually traveled with the Rotary club via their Group Study Exchange (GSE) program for an all-expense paid one-month long visit to Pernambuco. Brasil is an interesting place with great music; festivals; dance; a lively culture; the theater of the oppressed work of founder Auguste Boal; a culture minister who is basically the Beatles of Brasil (and beyond), Gilberto Gil; incredible fruits, other species, forests, gardens and foods (The Brasil Grill is probably the closest you come here in Portland though there is a food cart….) and I’m happy to have gotten the chance to visit.  I hope my contribution today shares the vitality of the postal systems of the world and introduces future generations to Brasil.

Please take a moment to pick me up, turn me over and look at me closely. Bet you haven’t had an offer like that in a while.

Also, here are some loose stamps. Please feel free to take a few for your enjoyment, or to start your own collection!

Tudu Bom!


Brasil pin in artist's studio

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