My Top 11 List for 2015

Top 11 List for 2015 – Enjoy!

11.11.15 by Zen Achilles

Happy 2016! Here’s another edition of my monthly e-letter and my Top 11 List for 2015. A place I share with you what’s going on with me – my latest thinking and a call to action. If you’re more interested in my email marketing for small businesses work – please let me know and I’ll move you to my biz list. 

Here is my top 11 things that come to mind list for 2015. They make my life better and you might find some value here, too. Enjoy!
Wileyware 2015
New Wileyware Designs
Fern Kitchen

1. Top Glassware – Wileyware – I put that at the top as it’s the item I use the most in my life – drinking glasses. I know that might sound strange – but drinking from these glasses makes me happy.

2. Top juice/sports drink of beets and tart cherries – BeetBoost – I’ve watched my friend, Rick Perry, turn an idea into a very tasty/health drink. Thanks, Rick.

3. Top new restaurant in my neighborhood – Fern Kitchen (clients/friends). Paleo, kombucha, breakfast, great hours, Yoga Union next door, friendly staff – thank you, universe.

4. Top awesome store in Portland – RooseveltsPDX (client/friend). This one has become more of an obsession 🙂 From the moment I walked into Gregg Harris’s store, I was hooked. I go for the oxygen, the learning, Gregg’s philosophy on life and work/retirement/live-work space thinking. 44th and Hawthorne. Go.

5. Top dessert place in SE Portlandia + my home away from home: Marino’s Adriatic Cafe. Live music, late night European atmosphere. A great place to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Good on multiple levels. 41st and Division.

6. Top change in Oregon – Legalizing Marijuana. Beyond the “fun” factor, I’m seeing my community use cannabis for healing mental and physical ailments. Visit my friend, Steve Bennett’s store, Farma to learn about marijuana’s medical properties.

7. Top Podcast. I found my way to Tim Ferris’s Podcasts + The 4 Hour Work Week: highly recommended read).

8. Top new app – SuperBetter. Through Tim Ferris’s interview with Jane McGonigal I was led to her thoughts on healing through online games. Jane’s TedTalk was my favorite of last year.

9. Top Portland performance of 2015: Beatles White Album Christmas with the Wanderlust Circus at the Alberta Rose Theatre (client/friend)(I saw it twice). The Alberta Rose continues to be my favorite place to see music in Portland. The hall is intimate, the sound is great and there’s a magic to the place. Kudos to Joe Cawley for making things run so smoothly there for the past 5 years.

10. Top radio station in the world: KMHD Jazz Radio (addict) 89.1 in PDX – – streaming around the world.  (top 2nd and 3rd KBOO 90.7 and 89.9

11. You! I couldn’t have as rich a life I do without your presence in it. Thanks for reading, playing and sharing time with me on this planet. We only get so much time here and my hope is that you and I make the most of it.

Have a great month and I’ll be back with you in February.

With love,


me and my bro and sis
Albert, Sister Liz, and Brother Dan in Sumneytown, Pennsylvania along the banks of the Unami River – Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Hanukkah!

It’s December 11th, 2012 and time for another edition of The Eleven, my monthly newsletter where I share my thinking with you. As the year winds down I’m reflecting back on what an incredible year it has been.  If you’re not familiar with my writing, please visit my website at and check out a few of the articles. My most popular ones have probably been on how to make parties go better for everyone, my thoughts on cellphones, and opening our minds to feedback.

Most recently I’ve been pleased with my Facebook and email marketing classes. These gatherings have given me a chance to share what I’ve learned over the past couple of years with small businesspeople who sincerely appreciate what I’m sharing. I watch as people take the information and run with it – adding people to their email lists; adding fans to their fan pages; and taking steps to put their important messages out into the world. Lately, I’ve been having a lot of repeat customers and referrals and I’m grateful for those of you who are sending your friends my way. I’m also being asked by the folks at Constant Contact to become part of their Authorized Local Experts team which means I’ll be putting on workshops for them soon. I like to teach and I love showing people how to promote their work – so this is a great fit for me.
Boom Box
Also in the paid realm, I’ve had a chance to work with the Boombox Network – an organization that helps their clients reach babyboomers. I wrote an article called Speaking up about Hearing Loss. I learned a lot about hearing loss and my article talks about my history with sound and some helpful links for people who might be facing hearing loss. My previous article was on Cranium Crunches – tools to help with one’s memory. These have been my first paid writing assignments in decades.
Personally, I’ve been finding myself drawn back once again into the supportive fold of the RC (Re-evaluation Counseling) community. I’m part of a few support groups (Jewish, Men’s) and an on-going class. I’ve been using co-counseling for over 20 years to help me keep my thinking sharp. It works and I’m so lucky there is a strong community of co-counselors in Portland.
Eecole is finishing up a massage degree – she takes her practical test in Salem on Wednesday. When she passes she’ll be a licensed massage therapist and a nutritionist – world, watch out!
And then there’s the election. I’m still feeling pleased that the direction of the country seems to be more progressive than it was previously. I believe the only chance we have to continue to exist on the planet (along with any remaining non-human species) is if we make some tough choices in the next few years. Choices around size of the human population are bound to arise as we continue to put more carbon than ever into the atmosphere. Whether we stop the shipping of coal from Montana and Wyoming through the Pacific Northwest on its way to China is also up there in importance. I’m reconsidering all of the time I put into things like trying to end the distribution of phonebooks, my sunflower project, and even the tree plantings that I help organize as they pale in comparison with the scope of the problem that burning coal presents.
Yep, that’s what I look like these days! I’m on a kick to lose some weight and lower my cholesterol – so far, it’s working 🙂  I’ve purchased an urban rebounder (one of those mini trampolines) and I’m bouncing on it every day while I watch inspiring TED Talks sent to me by friends. I welcome your submissions! My main New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to be outside more – so, if you ever want to take a walk or do other exercise together outside (The Birthday Garden is a great place to work up a sweat): walking, biking, throwing a frisbee, please let me know.
Support: I have a lot of interesting projects going on at all times, and I know others who do. I’m pretty well-connected and love to network – try me 🙂  If you have any extra time or an inclination to support what I do in the world, please get in touch. I’d love to be collaborating more and having a bigger impact.
Happy Hannukah – even if you’re not Jewish I encourage you to take a moment and light some candles. It’s dark out there and the candles will sooth you and make you smile.
happy hannukah
                         May there be peace in the world
Have a great Hanukkah, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years and Merry Megglemoose!
Albert Kaufman
PS – I love sending and receiving mail. If you’d like a holiday card, please respond with your postal address.


Here are some upcoming events I’d love you to come participate in that I’m organizing. If you have any energy to volunteer for any of these, please let me know at

events1. Saturday, January 28th – house concert with Jonah Matranga from California.  8pm – $10-ish donation-style, good times for all. Hear Jonah’s music @

2. Monday, February 20th, 7:30pm.  Mother: Caring for the 7 Billion – showing at the Hollywood Theater with discussion about film.  – Free –

3. Saturday/Sunday March 3-4 10am-5pm – SE ArtwalkWileyware (earrings, glassware, candleholders, buttons and Marcia Wiley in person!) showing at KORU House, 1704 SE 22nd, More information about the art walk at

4. Saturday, March 10th, 8:30am-1pm – Friends of Trees Tree planting – Irvington.  Meet at Holliday Park Church of God at 21st and Tillamook, NE.  Music by the Ten Spiders, bring blank t-shirts and tote bags for silk-screening.  Breakfast and lunch provided – and are usually both very hearty! More info at

4. Saturday, March 25th, 7pm – House Concert with Dana Lyons at the Happy Clam, 7pm  Also featuring discussion by local anti-corporate activist Paul Cienfuegos

Hope your Winter is going well!  Stay warm and dry!


Facebook through the fan page lens

I wrote a long email which I sent out to my email list this week.  I discussed what I think about facebook fan pages, and included a list of all of the pages that I administer.  The article is here – feedback welcome.

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