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I’ve contacted a variety of folks in the Portland and Oregon region recently to talk about starting a public awareness campaign around the issue of engine idling. Given that more people are wanting to stop their cars (hopefully) to talk on their cellphones or text, idling is probably increasing. At a time when we should be thinking about more ways to save oil, rather than waste it, and also if we wish to have cleaner air, an idling awareness campaign in our region seems useful. Here’s a link to a brochure by the City of Portland which stresses that leaving your car on for longer than 10 seconds wastes more gas than by stopping the car and re-starting it again (and other health and environmental benefits of reducing idling).

Also, OEC has a great video here for their “It’s not cool to idle at school” campaign.  Their downloadable PDF on the issue is here.

Also, the City of Denver has done a great job on this issue with their Engines off, Denver campaign.

And, NYC is doing their share.  A short film about their law passing here. Turn off your car, folks!

If engine idling is an issue that you care about, and you’d like to be a part of a working group in the Portland/Oregon area to work on it, please let me know @ – Thanks!

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  1. Albert,

    I’m so with you. I don’t think people are aware that they could save money and CO2 emissions by simply turning off their vehicle when they aren’t using the engine to actually move it.

    This is actually a pet peeve and I see the waste on a daily. Yesterday, I was heading into a diner for lunch when a guy came out and started his huge 4×4 electronically before even getting in.

    One other thing I’d add to the awareness campaign: 2 stroke motors.

    A little 2-stroke scooter can pollute more than a big car.

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