Manifesting Abundance – Guest Post by Noelani Rodriguez


Noelani Rodriguez

I thought I’d submit a blog about manifesting abundance to Albert Kaufman’s site – AlbertIdeation.Com. It’s got a fanatical following, and hey, Albert Kaufman is a popular guy, kinda like the honorary Mayor of Portland.

The topic of Abundance is on people’s minds these days. We want to stay in the flow of more possibilities for prosperity. How do we do it? Here are some tips:
     Cleansing and purifying- Cleansing and purifying your life can make room for new prosperity. It could be getting rid of old possessions, making space in your closet, or even making new space in your mind. One woman had struggles with her husband’s ill health, and with her children’s ailing marriages. She decided to “let go and release” everything to the Universe. Within weeks, hubby’s health and her children’s marriages improved. Decide your life is going to be “clean” and “pure.” That’s the first step.
     Open to Prosperity – Southern minister Catherine Ponder devoted her life to fighting poverty–but she discovered that poverty was in the mind! After decades of teaching classes, she decided the most common problem is that people feel guilty about prosperity. She showed people that the Bible says “All things are yours” and that there are many millionaires in the Bible including Abraham. The Good Book says Abraham was rich in cattle, silver, and gold. Once Ms. Ponder helped people see that prosperity was naturally theirs, she had many success stories among her students. Her first secretary quit because she learned so much from the prosperity classes, she left to help her husband’s business that was prospering with ideas from the class.
     Writing, Pictures, and Speech – Any time you want to give yourself new positive affirmations, know you can use 1) writing 2) pictures and 3) speech. Want an example? Remember Canadian Movie Actor Jim Carrey? He used “pictures” to manifest abundance. He wrote himself a check for $5M and put it on his bathroom mirror when he first got to Hollywood. Four years later, his first check for his first lead role in a movie was — you guessed it — $5M. Write words down in a journal, post pictures up on the refrigerator, or speak your affirmations out loud. Any one of these and you might be surprised how quickly these techniques can help you manifest. I once made a vision board last year that said “I get invited to housesit again and again.” Guess where I am now? Housesitting for the 3rd time, in Hawaii.
     Don’t forget to manifest abundance. Prosperity is yours!
Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic Reader and Author. Check out her free psychic training at https://NoelaniRodriguez.Com


  1. Thanks Noelani, I truly appreciate your insights. I will practice some of these and let you know how it goes.

  2. I love the simplicity of these tips. It is such a wonderful reminder that prosperity is something EVERYONE can achieve! I’m going to write myself a check right now!! 🙂 Thanks, Noelani

  3. Lovely tips and reminder, Noelani! Thanks and blessings for 2013. 🙂

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