Slowing traffic to 20 mph

20 MPH is plenty

From “6 Cities Designing for Health” – Winter 2016 Issue of YES! Magazine – pg. 36


Slowing traffic to 20 mph

“Scotland’s capital city is rolling out a plan to cap the speed limit at 20 mph on 80 percent of its roads. The slowdown is designed to encourage people to walk and bike, rather than drive, and to enhance pedestrian safety. A 2012 report by Transport Scotland recommends 20 mph speed limits on certain roads to improve bike and pedestrian safety. The Edinburgh slow roads movement builds on pioneering slowdown policies in Portsmouth, England, and Scotland’s council of Fife, both of which implemented 20 mph limits on much of their roads. According to early data from Portsmouth, the total number of road collisions has dropped 13 percent. The Edinburgh plan is expected to be phased in starting in early 2017. Environmental advocates say that encouraging walking and cycling will contribute to the nationwide effort to reduce air pollution and lower carbon emissions.”

We’ve been having a lot of discussion about slowing speeds on Portland roads – esp. on – Join me in working on this issue in your neck of the woods.

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