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I’ve always loved music. I grew up in a house of folkies – instruments on the walls, and new albums every week. I want to share some favorite picks with you. And, I invite you to submit your favorites, too. Nothing fancy – just a new song each day. I hope you love this!

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**If you’d like the words and lyrics to some great songs for your next campfire – start here.

Sing Those Songs A to F

Sing Those Songs G to O

Sing Those Songs P to Z

Also, Mark Bosnian has created a great simple site to help people get singing together. Check it out!

If you need someone to come to lead the singalong – get in touch!  I bill myself as one of the top campfire song leaders and I might be right. Albert

Music Camps: they’re a good thing. PSGW is the best one I know of.  I have been dreaming of getting one going in Oregon. And one in Maui 🙂  One of these days! Get in touch if you’d like more info about these or want to help me make them happen.

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