Get a Great Night’s Sleep


If you want to get a good night’s sleep I highly recommend purchasing a pair of inexpensive construction headphones. I talk about this in this video. Many people have followed my advice on this and are now happier lifetime users! Generally, like most things, when you bring up how you can help someone’s life be better they generally push back with various reasons why your suggestion won’t work. Here are some common pushbacks to this idea:


  • Q: Won’t I have to sleep on my side? I like to sleep on my back.
  • A: Once you’re sleeping you’ll hardly notice the headphones and you’ll sleep soundly. Sometimes this takes a night to get used to and it might not work every night depending on your headphones and sleeping situation. For instance, you might also consider getting a new split king adjustable bed or something similar.
  • Q: Won’t the headphones push pretty hard on my head?
  • A: You can pull them apart if that happens and again – if you’re sleeping you’ll hardly notice the pressure on your head. You’ll be sound asleep
  • Q: Question and push back after push back
  • A: You’ll be sleeping and whatever it is won’t bother you – you’ll be dreaming and enjoying some really deep sleep!
Add on an eye pillow of some kind (I like the ones filled with lavender) and possibly a winter hat if you’re going to be outside at a music festival and the evening is chilly – and you’ll sleep so soundly that you’ll wake up rested and ready for the day.
Using headphones has changed my life. I started using them in 2000 at my first Burning Man and have kept up the practice for years. There’s really nothing like it. I keep a pair by my bed and always make sure to take them with me when I go traveling. The few people who have followed my advice and tried this out are also much happier sleepers.  
Then, there are the many other things you can do to get a good night’s sleep. Here are some that you can add in – but I would argue that the headphones and darkness really are all you need.

  • Darkness: if you can find black-out curtains or something that will make the room you’re in dark – that’s fantastic and will help.
  • Try not to drink caffeine after noon. This is true for chocolate or any other stimulants.  Also, cannabis can keep one awake so I’d recommend limiting that in the evenings, as well.
  • Turn off all electronic devices as far from sleepytime as you can. At least give yourself an hour of time between screen and pillow.
  • Exercise daily. That will also help tire you so you’ll get a great night’s sleep.  All of these above suggestions are going to help you. If you have further ideas and would like to help me build out my list – please add them in the comments section below. Thank you and have a great night’s sleep!
Yours in dreamland, Albert Kaufman
Author after a great night’s sleep in Prineville, Oregon (a sleepy little town if ever there was one!)