Saying goodbye to an old friend: Mac iBook G4

Bye, Mac!

Today was the day I sent my iBook G4 back to the Mactory. I spent so many good moments with that machine that I was sad when I handed her over. She was a gift from my friend, James Curtis, an incredible luthier from Port Townsend, WA.

One day in about 2003 James called me up and asked if I needed a new laptop.  At the time I had an old Toshiba Satellite running Win98 and said “yes!” enthusiastically. He asked me the specs for my dream machine and as I was in a software lab testing Mac printing software, I asked the developers around me and they all suggested a Mac was in order.  Later that day a man dressed in brown entered the office looking for me and asked me to sign for a package.  I was thrilled and overwhelmed.  An officemate helped me install the extra RAM I’d asked for, and soon I was off and working on my new laptop.  My Win-machine went to a dancer in need here in PDX after being lent out to a good friend who found it too slow.  4 gig HD, after all 🙂

I’ll miss the iBook G4.  Very special.  My first Mac.    Bye!  I’ll miss you!

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