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Hello, and welcome to this month’s The Eleven, my monthly e-letter.

Have you ever had a destination in mind but had to complete many tasks before you could get there? That’s how this edition of the 11 has been for me. Whew, and I’m there and ready to write!!!! 聽First, the news.

Yes, after 3 years of happy clamming I’m going to take my show on the road and relocate to … Southeast Portlandia. Yes, I know, you were possibly expecting something a little more exotic, but actually, living in SE Portlandia is pretty frigging awesome, and I can’t wait to get there. I left Burning Man this year partly to get a head start on the moving process, cause I’m so jazzed! I’ll be over in the Division/44th/Stumptown/Village Merchants section of town – the house has a great porch and I’ll be living with two women I’ve known for a good long time. I’m looking forward to a quieter neighborhood and closer proximity to work and and and!
And, doesn’t it seem like life is speeding up a bit, lately? Between Syria, Climate Change, the R’s bringing us to the brink of not having a government budget and traffic speeds increasing (at least that’s my sense) it just feels like the pace is quickening. Which is why it’s great that this calming site exists 馃檪 Go ahead, take a minute or two 馃檪
shoes post burn 2013
shoes post burn

In fact, this has been my lesson from聽Burning Man聽this year – which if anyone who can help is listening – WAS聽WAY WAY WAY TOO LOUD. 聽We take some of the most intelligent people on Earth; bring them to an incredibly beautiful part of the world; fill that space with amazing art; and then drown everyone in a sound mush that is so abrasive that I don’t think I’ll ever go back again. My 13th year was so loud that I think my system has been completely overloaded and I’m having a very hard re-entry. What? 聽And, if you’re interested in links to聽pictures/videos, let me know – I have a great list, because of course, this was also the best year ever. Yeah, it’s like that out there…

One of my favorite parts of this year’s Burn was actually our SideBurn – time spent with friends at聽Summer Lake Hot Springs聽in Paisley, Oregon.
I’m finally finding work that I am passionate about – teaching social media and email marketing to small biz people. If that’s you or someone you know I have a bunch of classes (mostly free) coming up – look to the right. I’d love you to refer me to people, thanks!
I hope your life is full of love, laughter, surprises, dance, magic and lots of聽touch. If you haven’t seen the聽video on touch聽put out by my friends, please have a look. Make sure you get plenty of hugs, rest, healthy food and I’ll speak with you soon,
With gratitude for life’s abundance,
Albert Kaufman

Upcoming Events

Facebook for small businesses – You Can Do It!

Come learn how to promote your small business via Facebook – I’ll help you take out the frustration and add in the fun! – Monday, September 23rd, 9am-12pm – $30

1823 NE 13th Avenue


The Power of Email Marketing

Monday October 14, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM –Free

This information-packed seminar will demonstrate how email marketing can really help drive business success.

Holladay Park Church of God


Getting Started with Email Marketing

Tuesday November 12, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM –Free

This is a guided discussion about how email marketing works and how to get up and running.

Holladay Park Church of God

Sarah is my favorite聽comedian
todays’ soundtrack聽brought to you by my new friend, Spencer. He gifted me with a collection of dance hits from the 70s – got me shaking my head while writing this,聽Keep on Truckin! yeah! 聽
Albert and Sunflowers 2013
The sunflowers are doing well this Summer – learn more about my sunflower project

Tree Planting Success 2012

Tree Planting Success!Albert's Tree with color

We had a great tree planting in Irvington, Sabin, Grant Park, and Alameda neighborhoods last weekend (March 10, 2012). thanks are in order! Here are some of the folks we want to thank!

  1. Friends of Trees Staff – esp. Jesse Batty and Erica Timm – for leading the charge and making the event go so smoothly.
  2. Eric McClelland and Marai Boamod – who drove the rental truck to Molalla and back and picked up our trees!
  3. To our fabulous local businesses who donated food and drink for the breakfast and lunches: Whole Foods, Helen Bernhard Bakery, Costello’s Travel Caffe, Caffe D’arte, Peet’s Coffee on NE Broadway, Kettleman’s Bagels
  4. To the Holladay Park Church of God which has housed the event 2 years in a row. thank you!
  5. To our 150 volunteers who gather early on a Saturday morning and head out into the day and planted the trees – thanks for your labor and generous spirit!
  6. To neighbors who made food and donated food – the soups and chilis and stews were delicious, thank you!
  7. To Holli Talkington who photographed our day!
  8. The members of the band: Ten Spiders – we loved your music! Ten Spiders is available for hire – a great addition to just about any occasion.
  9. To Alan Rahi and his partner Mira Eng-Goetz聽for designing and printing over 150 shirts for us! If you didn’t pick yours up it is probably waiting for you at the Friends of Trees office.
  10. To my fellow neighborhood coordinators: Lisa, Malcha, and Neil, who do a lot of behind the scenes work to make the planting go well – esp. including picking up the food donations and calling in utility locations.

I’m sure there are more people to thank, please feel free to add them into the comment section. 聽And, I’ll add more pictures here as they come in! 聽Thanks, everyone for your help in adding to Portland’s canopy.

This year’s planting featured the volunteer effort of many young people. 聽I’ve never seen that many young people volunteering together before – it was impressive. Someday I hope that these young people will come back and visit the trees they planted and smile.

Albert on TV – 2011

Albert Kaufman, Jim Lockhart and Richard Carpenter on today’s issues – Portland Cable Access TV – Fall, 2011

I took part in a show with Jim Lockhart and Richard Carpenter recently to discuss population growth and other environmental issues.聽 I got to be the star and so thought I’d put this out into cyberspace for my own record of my current thinking and hopefully to entertain and enlighten others.聽 Let me know what you think.


Portland Chiropractic Recommendations

I’m looking for a chiropractor recommendation for today in PDX. Do you have one? The two I’d choose are either busy or out of town. Thanks!

Friday at 9:15am聽路聽Privacy:聽路聽Like聽路聽

    • Carla Axtman聽I have a GREAT person. He’s in Lake Oswego…..

      Friday at 9:16am聽路聽LikeReply
    • Miles Gordon聽I know a great one in Tigard…

      Friday at 9:19am聽路聽LikeReply
    • Albert Kaufman聽PDX only, thanks!

      Friday at 9:21am聽路聽LikeReply
    • Carlos Montano聽Mine is in Alaska or I would offer up mine.

      Friday at 9:22am聽路聽LikeReply
    • Kristen Adams聽Hi,聽Albert聽~ I really like Dr. Khalsa on SE Hawthorne – He has same day appointments. Also, Dr. Bob Johns in Milwaukie.

      Friday at 9:30am聽路聽LikeReply
    • Albert Kaufman聽鈥嶡Kristen: Thanks, will look up Khalsa.

      Friday at 9:32am聽路聽Like聽路聽1 personReply
    • Albert Kaufman聽keep recommendations coming, Khalsa is out of the office..

      Friday at 9:44am聽路聽LikeReply
    • Steve Nunley聽Paul Hagen in NW at An Hao & Randy Hewitt close in east Burnside

      Friday at 9:48am聽路聽LikeReply
    • Lisa Carbone聽Hawthorne Chiropractic on 12th and division dr. amy (can’t recall her last name) is great. they have 2 or 3 others there, too.

      Friday at 9:59am聽路聽LikeReply
    • Shams Diana Aleyn Cohen聽Have you seen Ansula’s sweetie, Rontu? I think he’s semi-retired, but definitely amazing and kind.

      Friday at 10:00am聽路聽Like聽路聽1 personReply
    • Albert Kaufman聽thanks, everyone. Will try your suggestions.

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    • Albert Kaufman聽ended up via Steve’s recommendation getting referred to someone at Circle Health, where I already go from time to time (excuse the pun) to All’s Well that Ends Well 馃檪

      Friday at 10:17am聽路聽LikeReply
    • Albert Kaufman鈥媋ges/Alls-Well-That-Ends-W鈥媏ll/108949129132280

      Our mission: Cleaning up the world one asshole at a time! We provide the very聽…See More
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    • Shams Diana Aleyn Cohen聽Cool, I know a lot of the practitioners there & at Circle in general, from way back in the day. Jill was in my dinner collective. Have you met her?

      Friday at 10:26am聽路聽LikeReply
    • Jessica Byers聽Abe Cohen on NE Broadway. He’s good.

      Friday at 10:51am聽路聽LikeReply
    • Albert Kaufman聽鈥嶡Shams: yes 馃檪

      Friday at 10:55am聽路聽LikeReply
    • Albert Kaufman聽thanks, all. I’m good, or hoping to get good later today!

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    • Gretta Siegel聽I’ve been going to Abe for 25 years, he’s right by your house.

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    • Matia Divitt聽Athena Paradise on 13th n Madison…

      Yesterday at 5:47am聽路聽Unlike聽路聽1 personReply
    • Albert Kaufman聽ah yes, Athena Paradise. I remember wanting to see her. thanks, everyone!

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