I was a guest on OPB’s Think Out Loud – 12/22/09

opbI got to talk live on OPB’s Think Out Loud show about population growth and climate change.  Here’s the show for your listening enjoyment!

OPB Think Out Loud 12/22/09


  1. Michele Brooks says

    Very well-spoken Albert! You handled yourself with elan and sounded extremely knowledgeable about the subject. It was great how many times one of the other speakers (a professor?) referred the conversation back to things you had said earlier. I was glad to hear the level of respect you were afforded and deservedly so! I was also impressed by the quality of reasonableness that your tone conveys, the way you rerouted questions that didn’t support the topic, and the spontaneity of your conversation with the caller. I enjoyed the whole program immensely!

  2. Kristi Hart says

    Thank you, Albert – for DOING this, and for sharing it. And for all of the amazing things you do in this world. You did an excellent job in this interview, especially with answering the caller’s questions. Great job!

  3. Well done, Albert. I think about this topic a lot lately, as I am in child bearing years, and at times feel the biological and emotional pull to have a child.

    I often think about fostering and adoption, as possible alternatives to giving birth… AND I still have moments when I absolutely feel called to take care of the little soul who seems to be asking to come into this world through my body.

    As my husband and I discuss this issue, one answer that come up is possibly to have a child AND adopt one too. Time will tell.

    This is an important issue, and I’m grateful for your contribution to raising awareness about our choices impact future generations.

    Thank you.

  4. albertkaufman says

    Thanks for your comments and support, everyone. The talk was really great for me (and I got a free mug!) and I think is still relevant today!

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