Back from the playa!

Burning Man 2010

Well, yes, my 11th year, how could I not go? A free gifted ticket helped! Thanks, Nurse Flo! (for a longer write-up of my trip this year, click here for the September issue of The Eleven)

Yes, it was marvelous. Yes, there was dust. Yes, I had the time of my life! I’m going to do a longer write up of my experience, with a slide show and all that, but right now it’s time to decompress. Vitamin C, deplayafying stuff, and showering often 🙂

I spent much of this year plying the playa with my trusty bike, making new friends, and enjoying the incredible large-scale artworks.  The weather really cooperated, and it was the best weather year we’ve had in a long time.  The rainstorm on Monday night led to clear lungs for the next 3 days, and the temperatures were very mild compared to previous years.  I found some new theme camps to enjoy this year – the big pink heart, Tuna Guys, and the BRCPO 2.0 was filled with a really stellar bunch this year.  I’ll be posting a lot more, but here’s some playa to walk on to start with.  

Here was slideshow of some photos that Tantelope took.  I could write for days about this experience, of course, and there’s emails to answer, and my e-letter, The Eleven to write, so that will have to wait a little while 🙂  Dontcha worry, I’ll say more, cause it was a big big year.  Best ever, as they all are.  Next year was always better, though 🙂


  1. Hi Albert,
    Yours and my friend Fred Rantz has wanted me to go to Burning Man for many years now. I have been artistic all my life and your discription and wonderful photos you share are enticing. I would like to go probably next year, I hope it works out.
    Hope to meet you some time

  2. Thanks for sharing, Albert. In all the ranting and raving I’ve heard about Burning Man over the years, I’ve never heard anyone talk about the desert being beautiful; the mountains, the sunsets, and of missing the land itself. Photos are almost always of art and burners (beautiful too, of course) and the background just looks like dust, about which you hear plenty of complaining about, but little praise. I really liked hearing your sense of connection to the place itself. Thanks again!

  3. So glad you enjoyed Pink Heart! See you at home, next year. ((HUG))

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