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I wonder if anyone else is feeling this post-election feeling – a mix of elation and depression. I’ve been so fixated by the various races – swore I wouldn’t get too mixed up about the Presidential race, but ended up like everyone else – fixated!!!! The media did a good job of turning something of a landslide which was known for months into a spectacle which shouldn’t have gotten as much attention as it did, IMHO.

All that said, I’m pleased with the results. It seems that we’re moving in a more progressive direction. I’m excited to see what the new Senators – Warren, Baldwin, add to the mix in the Senate. I’m excited that in Oregon the tie in the House is broken which I think will lessen the amount of gridlock there. Perhaps we’ll even see movement on my eliminating phonebook legislation – After the phone book…

I’m definitely in a more contemplative mood than I’ve been in a long time. Looking forward to this weekend’s socializing to talk about some ideas I have.

I’m also spending time tying up loose ends. Something I learned in the past – when you have time, tie up loose ends. That prepares you for things coming up that you’ll want to attend to. So, I’m doing some household stuff, and getting off some campaign email lists, doing laundry and clearing my head and space.

Thanks for listening 🙂

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Today is a new day – Obama and more

A New Day

A friend asked me what I’m doing this year vis-a-vis politics beyond voting for Obama & Co. I partly decided to stay home from Burning Man this year because I think the upcoming election is terribly important and I want to make sure that voters get registered and informed. I’m hearing a lot of talk about people being confused about who to vote for, whether to vote, whether it matters, things like that.  I believe that each election is important and the one you’re participating in this year is as important as they come.  Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to. Thanks, Kaya Singer, for asking!

What I’m doing: talking to lots of people, posting relevant things on FB, talking to more people. being public about my wish to see the Democrats win this thing. Working on policy, trying to stay informed by reading Daily Kos and Talking Points Memo daily, donating to candidates in tough races, putting my thinking out there, trying to stay focused on what I want to see happen, rather than in just reaction mode. possibly hosting candidate house parties, maybe having a voting party 🙂 encouraging everyone I know to make sure they’re registered, monitoring, and promoting Voting Virgins 🙂 – taking care of my health. cause this is probably going to go on for a while…

After watching the R primary and parts of the convention, and reading their platform, I’m convinced that they need to radically change course – what they’re proposing right now regarding womens’ reproductive health; immigration; GLBT rights – all are very very scary stuff.  And, that is why I believe they’re going to lose big in November. And, their losing (possibly the House) could be helpful to the world in many ways – so, that’s what I’m working towards.  A big Democrat win in November.  Join me!

President Obama Rescinds Global Gag Rule!


We are thrilled to announce that only moments ago, President Barack Obama rescinded the notorious Global Gag Rule. As of today, the US government will be able to restore funding to dedicated and experienced family planning groups around the world—many of whom were forced to scale back their services or cease operations altogether under the strictures imposed by the previous administration.

WA Post article

Today’s action by our new president is the first step in restoring America’s image around the world as a leader in reproductive health and family planning, and it signals a sharp break with the policies of his predecessor. However, this act alone will not solve the problems associated with a rapidly growing population:  resource insecurity, social instability, and maternal and child death.  To confront these and other problems, the US must commit to a return to real investment in international family planning.  With a friendly administration in the White House and your help, we have the opportunity to make real progress on issues that impact not only all the world’s citizens, but the planet itself.

Please take a moment to thank the President for this first action and encourage him to pursue other policies in support of women, families, and the environment.

President Obama – Yes we did!

11/11 update:

I am 2000% excited that Obama has won the White House. I left that out of my The Eleven newsletter.  I think this is going to be a huge change for the United States and the world. It is an overwhelmingly great thing that has happened, and I am looking forward to an Obama administration, greatly!obamabidenwins

Tonight we sing and drink champagne. Tomorrow we turn our dreams into reality. Also, welcome Senator Jeff Merkley, a new voice for Oregon in the US Senate! YES WE CAN! => YES, We Did!


Yes We Did!


We also spent time creating a list of things we’d like to see named after Obama – why wait, eh? Please feel free to add to the list!

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