President Obama Rescinds Global Gag Rule!


We are thrilled to announce that only moments ago, President Barack Obama rescinded the notorious Global Gag Rule. As of today, the US government will be able to restore funding to dedicated and experienced family planning groups around the world—many of whom were forced to scale back their services or cease operations altogether under the strictures imposed by the previous administration.

WA Post article

Today’s action by our new president is the first step in restoring America’s image around the world as a leader in reproductive health and family planning, and it signals a sharp break with the policies of his predecessor. However, this act alone will not solve the problems associated with a rapidly growing population:  resource insecurity, social instability, and maternal and child death.  To confront these and other problems, the US must commit to a return to real investment in international family planning.  With a friendly administration in the White House and your help, we have the opportunity to make real progress on issues that impact not only all the world’s citizens, but the planet itself.

Please take a moment to thank the President for this first action and encourage him to pursue other policies in support of women, families, and the environment.

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