Hey there, I just celebrated my 59th birthday yesterday. It was an interesting day – full of a zoom with friends and family, a little FB live music playing, a bike ride to the edge of Mt. Tabor Park in Portland, and a small celebration on our porch with good food and friends.

My brother Dan came out with his business newsletter today (he’s offering masks and other safety type items – imprinted with logos, etc.) and he mentioned: “everyone would like to return to normal“. I pushed back with wondering if that’s so. I’m really hoping we never return to “normal”. We are facing a climate crisis. Though we’re getting a respite from focusing on that – that’s the giant elephant in the room and it’s been there for a while.

Suddenly, I’m seeing that we’re taking a breather from polluting the planet in the way we have been every year more and more. The birds and bees are having their best year that I can remember. I’m seeing so many positive changes it’s hard to keep track. Some of the simplest are seeing families walk down the same streets day after day – each time getting to know their neighbors; their streets; themselves – a little better. I’m hearing the squeal of laughter of kids who are not stuck in school, but who instead are on scooters and roller skates. They are learning something different right now and it’s a good thing. It’s a great thing. Our educational system has been so lacking for so long – so, let’s not return to that normal, please!

Not all is well in our world. I get that. I could have taken this little piece down a very different path. And… I think we have a huge opportunity right now to right a lot of the wrongs and to build a new society that is more equal and fair. One where people get fed healthy food that comes from much closer to home. Where we give up our obsession with burning fossil fuels. Where we take more time to connect with the land, with the ground. I’m seeing more people planting gardens and ripping out lawns – good!

I think it’s a good time to be a dreamer. To think up and implement great ideas. People are hungry for leadership. They’re seeking solutions. And, it’s also a time for deep rest. And learning. And helping each other. Thank you for participating 

Enjoy the Day. Albert

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