We had a great voting party here last night.Voting Party 2008

About 25 people and a reporter and photographer from the Oregonian showed up for our voting party. Can’t wait to see how the story turns out.  Here’s how to host a similar gathering where you live!

Here’s the full article!

Today had a neat meeting with Marc of Opening to Life Studio to work on his website and make some improvements. And in the afternoon met with Robin Denberg to discuss helping him with his website and marketing his real estate agency. Also on the phone to Tim of the Tummy Temple to discuss next steps as an on-line marketer for his business, so it’s been a busy week.

Regarding my various ideas I’ve been following up with the City on the telephone opt out idea and they provided some information on how I, as an individual, could opt out – great.  Working on it.  The Portland City Council reaffirmed its 4-0 vote against changing the zoning of Colwood Golfcourse, thus making the path to a new urban farming training institute one step closer to reality.

The sun is blazing out right now, so I must go outside and watch squirrels move apples to and fro.  More work tomorrow, I’m sure.  Oh, and recruiters seem to be anxiously and actively finding me via Monster and elsewhere and promoting me to various area companies, so I’m imagining that something good this way comes.  enjoy the sunshine!