Albertideation turns one month!


It’s been about a month since I began creating this site and putting my foot forward as Albertideation. What an exciting month – I’ve learned so much and gotten such great positive feedback – thanks to everyone who is supporting this adventure!

I am excited to report that one of my ideas is already happening – using google maps to connect people who want their yards turned into gardens with those who want to become urban farmers.  It’s at for the Portland area, but there are groups all over the country, too and I’m learning about the growth of the movement.  I also learned that it’s global entrepreneurship week this week – and there’s a nice site to go along with that.  Was on KGW yesterday in an interview regarding Freecycle – that was fun to see.

Unfortunately, Colwood has decided to appeal their case to LUBA so that puts the Keeping Colwood Green effort on hold for the moment.  The telephone book opt-out system that I have in mind is still looking for a government champion, though I have heard positive news back from new city council member, Amanda Fritz that she is interested in this issue, as is new State Rep, Jules Kopel-Bailey.

Been having great lunches and meet-ups, lately and making some great new connections – especially via the Springboard Innovation (2nd Wens, of the month @ Urban Grind, 6-9) forums.  Eecole is also busy helping the City create a fruit tree policy via the Multnomah Food Policy Council, which is exciting.

Today is organizing day, and Annelise Kelley will be coming by shortly to help me with that.  Also on the docket – getting Constant Contact referrals coming in, working with Tim at the Tummy Temple on creating wholesale relationships with online stores and attending the Kerns N’hood Assoc. meeting tonight.  Onward!  Albert



  1. hi albert-
    congrats on this new site…blogging sure is fun…i loved the link to BLF…thanks!
    hey, i am a long time lover of eleven–you too?
    check out my 11/11 blog post here:

    sooooo, please help—when i try to email you with the link your address does not pop up on my “to:” window so im trying this.
    would love to have you follow me again on twitter momobutoh– :-).
    how did you immediately i joined in the first place??
    all this social networking is just integrating for me and goes in waves of course.
    be well and dance freely, momo

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