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Here’s my most recent newsletter The Eleven from August 11th, 2020.
And my most recent Bizmissive.
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Constant Contact-related: 

Two articles on what to write about to your customers during the pandemic. 

Zoom- related


Good Distractions



Constant Contact has a New Look

Bizmissive April 22, 2020 – Happy Earth Day

Bizmissive April 22, 2020

Happy Earth Day 2020 from Southeast Portland, Oregon. I hope you are faring well in these different times. Like everyone, I’ve been experiencing a huge mix of emotions but I’ve also been contemplating upsides of the changes to our world going forward. Just having cleaner air for all species is a huge improvement in my book. Plus, increased telecommuting = less traffic, and there are dozens more benefits I could list. Also, many people are trying out new and fun things online – here’s something cheery.
I was reminded by my colleague, Michael Katz, that now is a great time to be publishing content. Check out the short video below.
Keep producing content.
For email marketers or people with other digital marketing skills, it’s a good time for our businesses. I’ve started working with a political candidate running for Portland City Council; a voice teacher who also does personal ceremonies (weddings, for example), and it seems like someone new is reaching out to me every day for assistance.
I’ve also joined the team at Food Security Hawai’i and their program to eliminate food insecurity in Hawai’i. My friend, Jenny Pell asked me to participate and help out with email marketing and social media for the project and I’m thrilled to be able to assist them.
So, how about that much fresher air? Less traffic. Signs of Spring. The sound of birds. Happy Earth Day 2020!
My life tips series could be helpful right now if you seek some interesting ideas on how to live a better life. Also, my Song a Day series is bringing new music to many. Music is definitely helping me ease through right now. These autoresponder series might also spark ideas for your own offering – don’t forget what Michael recommends above – it’s time to put your thinking out in the world. If you need a hand with that, please reach out.
These sǝɯıʇ ʇuǝɹǝɟɟıp are surely challenging – and, there are opportunities popping up (like the spring tulips), as well.
Carpe Diem,
Albert Kaufman, Albertideation, 503-358-0029
PS – This newsletter was created using the Earth Day template in Constant Contact.
Spring 2019
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2018 Biz Year in Review

Here are my business newsletters for Albertideation for 2018. Enjoy – get in touch with any questions or comments or feel free to comment below.

January 2018 – I shared about using holidays to market your business: https://conta.cc/2FIX0Vh

February: A new list segmentation tool is available to you. https://conta.cc/2FGH3Pg

March: https://conta.cc/2FK3FPaIt Sure Beats Working: A Book Recommendation

May 2018: Here’s how I use Email Marketing to reach people


More May: Happy Memorial Day + Digital Summit Portland + GDPR


June 2018: What would it be like to have a Super Fan + Marketing Ace working for you?


July 2018  https://conta.cc/2LY8p3F – Summer update

August 2018 – Thank you note to clients https://conta.cc/2PdD1Q4

October 2018 – What Do Coffee, Fall and Webinars have in Common? Really great marketing guide document + putting ideas into action


November 2018 – 3 Of the Biggest Shopping Days are coming up quick – I can help you prepare


December 2018 – Here’s how to compete against larger retailers – you can personalize your message!


January 2019 – Happy New Year 🍸– Here are my 1st week of the year suggestions https://conta.cc/2F6TbZE

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is my FAQ as of 8.21.18 – if you have a question, please contact me. Thank you!

Q: Can you help me market my business on Facebook?
A: That is not my focus these days. Here’s why. If you’d like to market more effectively, try email marketing. That I can help you with.

Q: Will you post my event on your timeline? Will you like my business/fan page? Will you contribute to my fundraiser or help spread the word about it?
A: At this time I get asked this one many times a day and I can’t do it all, sorry. That said – if I am attending your event I’ll likely be happy to spread the word about it and invite friends. If I like your project/fundraiser, I’ll probably donate at least $11 to it.

Q: How about Instagram?
A: Even more problematic. That said, my next door neighbor has built a great following using Instagram – anything is possible! The main thing seems to be jumping in and staying active with it. If you have the time and energy – go for it!

Q: Where can I go for SEO help?
A: I advise people to teach themselves some via Google. Then, if you want to hire an expert – my colleague, Don Richardson is a good person to speak with. Tell him I sent you!

Q: How about WordPress/SquareSpace/Weebly – what do you recommend?
A: Personally, I’ve chosen WordPress. In terms of learning that or how to use other tools, there are a ton of online tutorials. I would start there if you’re thinking about doing things yourself. So much of the technology is plug & play these days. But if you want a hand in this area – ask me @ albert@albertideation.com and I’ll refer you to someone.

Q: Twitter?
A: I forward things to Twitter – but really don’t look at it too much. I think it’s a great way to find out the pulse about a particular topic – but not key to marketing for small businesses. One caveat from my brother Dan: food trucks and food businesses in general thrive with Twitter.

Q: LinkedIn?
A: The main value I see in LinkedIn is the ability to export all of your contacts and see what people do and their contact information. This is available in Facebook, too.  But it’s much easier to export via LinkedIn. I don’t recommend people spend a lot of time trying to marketing their businesses via LinkedIn.

Carlton Ward and Albert Kaufman - Beloved 2017

Carlton Ward and Albert Kaufman – Beloved Festival 2017

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