Some additional discussion of the phonebook issue

More on getting rid of the phonebook.

May 7, 2010: NYT: White Pages may go Way of Rotary Dialed Phone!


my post yesterday on BlueOregon

At least take this step – opt out!

Phone book opt-in system for Oregon!

yellow pages here you throw it away

After the Phone Book

At Crema this morning, I attended a town-hall meeting that my state Rep. Jules Kopel-Bailey was holding.  I learned that he will introduce legislation for an opt-in system for phone books on Monday!  This is something I’ve been interested in for a while, and should be interesting to see what happens with it.  If this passes in Oregon, it could set a national trend going, which would be pretty amazing.

Facebook Fan Page for the effort – After the Phone Book

1.11.2021 – Looks like we’ve made a difference. But still these things are out there.  Don’t want one – sign up @

Progress on phonebooks

yellow pages here you throw it away

So, I got an e-mail from Jules Kopel-Baily, my new 42nd District State Rep. that he has put forward a request for legislative review at the State level in Oregon.  So, we may get some legislation that creates an opt-in system for getting off phone-book lists.  Yeah!  Also, Chai Guy found this site which lists useful information on the level of waste we’re talking about

And, Kari Chisolm blogged recently on the issue on

Which led me to a page that organizes all of the various legislation put forth nationally – looks like Hawaii has it figured out!

And, checking on the comments on a post on Daily Kos which I’m sure will hold some jewels on the topic.

So, we’re making progress.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about how to move these ideas along quicker.  The move by Jules may make this happen quicker than anything I can do, so I’m hoping that is the course this issue takes.

PS – for a quick fix for yourself, you can opt out here:

PPS – There is also a paperless petition one can sign @

PPPS – and now, on FB – my new group – After the Phone Book

6.25.2020 – note: less phone books 🙂

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