11 Years of Activism in Portland

Activism, Ours

bunsnotguns from little t american bakerI’ve been living in Portland for 11 years now. 11 years of activism. I noticed last night as I was updating this blog (for better SEO and righting some images) that I was putting out a lot more activism over the last couple of years than I am now.  Issues like billboards, getting rid of the yellow pages, cheering on the first Obama administration, holding voting parties, idling, population growth, and saving the Tillamook State Forest – all were big issues for me in 2009.

These issues all still persist, but I haven’t been focusing on them as much. I’ve started fan pages for a few, and I continue to put a shout out for an issue when I see something about it in the media, but my own activism has definitely shifted some. I’ve also been working hard to develop my business and I hope that eventually, that will pay me enough to devote more time to the activist areas that I care about. Actually, in one area, Farm My Yard, I have been dedicating a bunch of time to – keeping the website up, updating the FB fan page, and I’m meeting with someone today to discuss building an app for the project. So, I guess I’m not done saving the world.

And, some issues come back around – like my current project regarding the Oregonian’s slide to the Tea Party Right on BlueOregon. They’ve been lying to us more and more about their tea party agenda, and I want to do what I can to call them out on it.

So, I guess I just want to say – don’t worry, I’m still at it. And perhaps I’m partially writing this to myself to remind myself that I’m still busy trying to change the world, I’m just mixing it up more with my effort with people and small businesses to help them with their marketing and getting the word out.

Yesterday, as I was heading to a client meeting I was thinking about being 52 and wondering who I could find to take on the various efforts I’ve started or care about. I was thinking about asking in the dance community to see about training some folks who are 20 or 30 years younger than I am, but no one came immediately to mind. And, I suppose activism is not for the faint at heart. You have to have support in your life – people who really are there to back you – and a process to keep you from falling down when things get hard. I’ve been using Co-counseling for that for many years to good effect, but many people don’t have a process to discharge their fears when they come up against things that are hard – government agencies; industries fighting back; a right-wing media.

All good things for me to think about – succession – who are the next activists? Who cares enough about the issues that I do to take them on? And, how do I reignite some of the causes that I cared about and still do but which I have let come off of the table?  Perhaps I’ll do a little spreadsheet and see where things are and put that up for myself and others.  and for now, happy new year 2014 – let’s see what we can accomplish!

Progress on phonebooks

yellow pages here you throw it away

So, I got an e-mail from Jules Kopel-Baily, my new 42nd District State Rep. that he has put forward a request for legislative review at the State level in Oregon.  So, we may get some legislation that creates an opt-in system for getting off phone-book lists.  Yeah!  Also, Chai Guy found this site which lists useful information on the level of waste we’re talking about


And, Kari Chisolm blogged recently on the issue on BlueOregon.com

Which led me to a page that organizes all of the various legislation put forth nationally – looks like Hawaii has it figured out! https://www.productstewardship.us/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=282

And, checking on the comments on a post on Daily Kos which I’m sure will hold some jewels on the topic.

So, we’re making progress.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about how to move these ideas along quicker.  The move by Jules may make this happen quicker than anything I can do, so I’m hoping that is the course this issue takes.

PS – for a quick fix for yourself, you can opt out here: https://www.yellowpagesgoesgreen.org

PPS – There is also a paperless petition one can sign @ https://paperlesspetition.org/

PPPS – and now, on FB – my new group – After the Phone Book

6.25.2020 – note: less phone books 🙂