Making Lists of People on Facebook

Making Friends’ Lists on Facebook

To improve your experience of Facebook – I advise making lists of people – a list can be close friends, business associates, people you share a hobby with or even one person – it’s the quickest way to see exactly the feed you want to. It takes a few minutes to set up, but will make using Facebook a lot easier and more interesting – it has done so for me.

Here’s a video I made on the topic.

Also, you can add a bookmark to your browser – this will make it easier for you to reach the newsfeed of those you’ve chosen for your list. What’s really great about this – is that you’ll see every post from these people/pages! Lists Bookmark

You can also visit a person’s profile hover over the word “friends” or use the pull-down menu there and add the person to any list(s) you’ve created.Friend list pull down lists

This is also useful when you’re holding an event – you can pull up everyone on a particular list at once and invite them en masse.

Here is where lists live as of 2.1.18 – I believe that FB is making it more difficult for people to use this feature – so, I recommend creating lists now before they hinder this further.

friends list

Please leave any comments or ideas you have below and I’ll update this article from time to time.

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How and why to make a list of friends on Facebook

For a better Facebook Experience – Make Friends’ Lists

Recently I realized that I was losing track of what my closest friends on Facebook are up to and that it was time to make a list of just the friends I’m closest to so I don’t miss them in the information overload which is the news feed. One could create a list of friends, fellow activists or people who post interesting things. Here’s how I did it step by step.

10.7.17 – the Steps have changed since I first wrote this in 2010.  See the following image and follow along:

  1. Under Explore on the Left Side – Click on Friends Lists
  2. Click on Create List
  3. Give Your List a Name and Pick a Member or Two
  4. Adjust at will – I’ll put the various images below in a little box for your you should see these in a clockwise order starting from the top left.


Enjoy your new view of your friends. You’ll probably learn quickly that this new list doesn’t change as quickly as all of the information on the news feed, but the information seems rich in a way that the news feed’s doesn’t. IMHO.