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Today I applied for the Executive Director position with OLCV.  Here is what I wrote to them:

To the members of the OLCV Search Committee <EDsearchcommittee@olcv.org> :

I am applying for the position of Executive Director for the Oregon
League of Conservation Voters.  I have a long history of environmental
and legislative activism which I think will be a perfect fit with your

For the past 15 years I have been a tireless activist on numerous
levels – neighborhood, city, state, national, and international –
engaged in a wide range of issues.  These experiences have improved my
capacity to move progressive, environmental agendas and issues
forward.  From shutting down a neighborhood medical waste incinerator
in Seattle to leading lobbying efforts for increasing funding for
international family planning in Washington, DC, I have grown as an
activist and a leader.  I bring strong writing, organizing, media
outreach, volunteer management, membership, fundraising, technical,
and speaking skills to any effort I engage in.  I am well-connected in
Oregon and the Northwest with a monthly e-letter that I send to 2,000
people as well as active Facebook, Twitter, Linked In amongst other
social networking accounts with many connections.  I consider myself
well respected in the environmental and political communities in the
Pacific Northwest.

I bring skills to the table which OLCV does not appear to be
leveraging to the extent I believe possible – yet!  Presently, social
networking is being used increasingly by individuals and organizations
to successfully get their message out, fundraise and organize.  I
believe that OLCV, as the biggest Oregon environmental group, could
exert a significantly larger influence on the State by harnessing
these technologies, and am confident I would be effective and
successful leading the organization in that direction.  I also sense
that OLCV could be grown into a much bigger entity, through
fundraising, as well as capitalizing on the large numbers of talented
people who are available at this time in history to do great work.

Most importantly, I am dedicated to the work that OLCV does.  I
believe that change can come through electing good leaders and working
with them to write and pass progressive legislation.  My hope for the
next ten years is that we will see substantial increases in
environmental legislation in this state as we most certainly face
increasing pressures of population growth, water scarcity, species
loss, pollution, and the results of decisions that were made years ago
– such as the much needed cleaning of our waterways, and removal of
dams on many rivers.  I am committed, and always have been, to healing
this planet, and to me that means working doggedly and consistently in
a positive direction with our friends and future allies – those who
have not yet come to an understanding of our position.  Relationship
building is a key factor in the important work of OLCV, and I would
make that a centerpiece of my leadership.  The work of OLCV is part of
a long effort that will take many many years to achieve, and the best
way to get there will be to build relationships that are strong and

I look forward to speaking with you about these ideas and potential
new tools for effective advancement of OLCV’s goals, and expanding the
scope and breadth of OLCV in a personal interview.  I have enclosed my
resume for your consideration and would be glad to provide you with
references and writing samples at your request.  I look forward to
hearing from you and also wish you the best in this process.  There
are likely scores of people who would make a great candidate for this
position, and I hope you pick the best person available, as I believe
OLCV’s work is the most important in Oregon.


Albert Kaufman

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