The Summer of 2009

Happy Summer 2009 &

Happy Summer – from AlbertIdeation!
Stasha's Roses

Hello, I wish for you a great summer, that life is treating you well, and that you, your friends, neighbors and family are healthy.  

I traveled to Sierraville, CA for a fantastic rebirthing workshop, recently. It was very inspiring and I intend to write more about my experience, soon. Here is a short paragraph from something that the leader, Leanord Orr, wrote:

“To practice the Presence of God means to live in a way that feels peaceful so that we feel our Divine Nature every day, making us feel loving, creative, and productive. The daily spiritual practices with earth (good diet, food mastery, and exercise); water (bathing); air (conscious breathing); fire (sitting with it); and meditation renew our divine energy.

My simple recommendation for today would be to learn more about earth, water, air and fire – I’ll say more soon 🙂

July 2nd, 2009: 5:03PM: 90 degrees – In Portland we’ve got stronger heat than normal: a good time to remind everyone to water new trees that have been planted in the last 3 years.fruit trees

  • 3 gallons 2-3 times a week is best
  • Ask your neighbors if they’ve watered their new trees, usually most people don’t mind if you water for them
  • register your tree (if it’s a fruit tree) with thePortland Fruit Tree Project or your local version – don’t have a fruit tree project for your City?
  • Drink lots of water yourself.

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In the heat people tend to sit in their cars, eat lunch, make a call, all the while idling their car.  This next piece from the City of Portland explains idling simply and kindly.  Copy, paste and distribute, por favor!


Have you ever left your vehicle idling for more than 10 seconds while waiting to pick up your child at school or while at the drive-up window at the bank? Most of us have. Here are some very good reasons to rethink this common habit:

Vehicle emissions are the largest contributing factor to air pollution. The combustion of fossil fuels releases several types of air pollutants that are detrimental to our health. These include sulfur dioxides, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and other toxins contributing to the formation of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels.

Children are particularly vulnerable to air pollution. Children breathe 50 percent faster and inhale more air per pound of body weight than adults. Studies have shown a direct link between many respiratory diseases and pollutants found in vehicle exhaust. In fact, asthma is the third leading cause of hospitalization for children under the age of 15.

Excessive idling is expensive. Over 10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than restarting your engine. Idling for 10 minutes a day uses an average of 22 gallons of gas per year, and gets zero miles to the gallon. Excessive idling is not good for your vehicle either. It can actually damage your engine components, including cylinders, spark plugs, and exhaust systems, whereas frequent restarting has little impact on engine components like the battery and starter motor.

For the children, for yourself, and for the environment, please remember to keep your emission down and turn off your car if it isn’t moving!

All my best from the City of Roses!If you would like to meet for a rebirthing session, please let me know.

Om Namaha Shivaya: “Aum” or “Om” means “Infinite Being.”  “Shivaiya” means “Infinite Intelligence.” “Namaha” means “Infinite Manifestation.” “Aum Namaha Shivaiya” is a very high quality thought.’  **

Happy Solstice, perfect weather and good thoughts to ya!

**Leonard D. Orr, The Owner’s Manual for Human Beings, Ignorance & Wisdom
AK https://depave.orgAK in PV

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