Bright Earth Foods

Bright Earth Foods

Here’s a note I sent to a friend about Bright Earth Foods and why I’m working with them.

Bright Earth Foods

I ran into a group of people called Bright Earth Foods a while back.  Every time I interacted with them it was positive.  I kept waiting for some kind of yucky multi-level marketing pitch, but generally, they just want to offer their food.

So, over the years I’d see them or one of their guys at a health food co-op demo’ing something.  Then, they were there at Beloved last year and I spent more time with one of their reps.  A guy named Brian.  He was serving people shots of noni juice and blue green algae.  So, you know me.  I try to eat and drink healthy, and I’m getting there, but BEF’s stuff is a shot in the arm of goodness. I’m telling you this because they’ve asked me to help them out (after much asking and pleading on my part 🙂 with their social networking.  Right now I’m doing it for some money ($300 for 3 months and $200 store credit).  I also have a link where if someone buys stuff I get a commission and also they have an affiliate program which is pretty easy, and same thing – if someone signs up and shares the link and a person buys something I get something and the other person does, too.

So, it definitely works like multi-level marketing, except there’s no huge salesforce involved.  Instead, it’s a bunch of super-positive people who have big hearts and a concern for health and the planet.  And I am enjoying them on many levels.

So, all that to say, if it’s something you are interested in, let me know.  Or you can sign up to be my affiliate here.

End of pitch/introduction for Bright Earth Foods.

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