The Eleven – September 2016

The Eleven – September 2016

Exodus from Burning Man 2016
Leaving Burning Man 2016 – I am not in this picture
As fate would have it, I chose not to visit the playa this year. At the last minute – I got the ticket and the needed parking pass – but I was missing a few things (mostly the umpf!) to make it there for year 15. Instead, I stayed in Portland and worked on myself. And my business. I think just at the time that these thousands of people were stuck in line for 9-11 hours trying to leave Burning Man I realized something important about myself. I’m talking about it with friends – it’s partly a blind spot that I’ve been hearing about over the years – and I am realizing it’s time to address it. It’s a new way forward for me which I’m excited about. I’ll probably say more about this on my blog and share more as things clarify – feel free to write and ask if you’re curious – or, you can just wait and hear details as I move forward.

It’s me moving more into my masculinity.

A while back I reached out to workshop leaders who teach at Breitenbush. A few of them wrote me back, and one invited me to come and take his workshop. So, as you’re reading this I’m at Breitenbush taking Claude Stein’s “Natural Singer” workshop.
Speaking of music, I’m continuing to have fun with my Song a Day series.  There are 120 songs cued up and ready for you if/when you’re in the mood!
I hope life is treating you especially well today.  Happy eleventh!
Dance Campout 2016 photo by Peter Rubens

Our Ecstatic Dance Campout 2016 – photo by Peter Paul Rubens

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