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It Sure Beats Working, by Michael Katz

I finally got around to it

– I bought Michael Katz’s book – It Sure Beats Working

I just got back from a family trip to Philadelphia. Soon after I got off the plane I was faced with soft pretzels. They are everywhere in Philadelphia – and I did not hesitate! The trip was a great time (my Sister’s daughter’s bat mitzvah!) and I came away refreshed and ready to make it through the rest of Winter in Portland. Why am I telling you this? It’s part of what Michael Katz talks about in the book mentioned above – sprinkling in details about your life when you reach out to customers and clients (see Lesson 4: Humanize Your Interactions ). Making your interactions more human is a key factor in his success and you experience it in every newsletter he sends.

I’ve been enjoying this Spring – I’ve picked up a couple new clients and continue to work with many I’ve been with for years.

New: Lucky Mojo Curio Co. in Forestville, CA
2 years: Fern Kitchen , Portland, Oregon
5 years-ish – Alberta Rose Theatre, Portland, Oregon

I’m so grateful to these and other companies who trust me with their newsletters. It’s also been interesting to me to see how businesses change over time – including mine!

I want to mention that the main tool I use – and how you’re reading this newsletter – via Constant Contact – is having a 50% off of 2 months sale – which will end at midnight 3.16.18. You can always start with a 2-month free trial, too. I have all sorts of support for you if you’d like to get started down this path.

Sometimes it makes sense to start something before you think you’re ready. For instance, I wish I’d bought Michael’s book 8 years ago when I started my business – in 8 years you might wish you’d started a newsletter today 🙂 This is one of those instances where you don’t want to put off until tomorrow something you can start today 🙂

Here’s to your success!


Albert Kaufman

PS – See other books I recommend, here. And other tools I use, here.

Soft Pretzels

Kind Notes from Friends

Kind Notes from FriendsAlbert and Alex music by the River Augut 2018



Happy birthday, Albert!!  I hope you have had a bliss-filled day.  I’m fully vaccinated and am also having these charged conversations.

Thank you for all your activism, and 60 years of uplifting music, we can always count on you.

In love and light!
A note from a neighbor

A note from a neighbor September 2021


1.28.13 – Hi Albert –

I’m filling out my intake questionnaire for my animal communication class, and one of the questions is: name three people you admire, and why.

You are one of the three people I picked, and I thought I’d share with you what I wrote. Enjoy:

Albert, I first met in 1999 at the Breitenbush Summer Solstice Healing Retreat. He’s done so much to better the lives of people, to make them aware of their impact on the environment, and of the environment’s impact on them. We got to be good friends after he moved to Portland, maybe in 2002 or so. He’s an amazing connector of people and resources, and I couldn’t begin to list all the projects he’s created or been involved with. He’s got a lot of Loki energy too – always messing with people to challenge their minds. He’s involved with the BRCPO (Black Rock City Post Office) which is an interactive theme camp at Burning Man that makes fun of the bureaucracy of the Post Office, yet is also an actual post office. He gets people involved, by asking them questions or challenging them to do something in the here and now. He’s created a project called Farm My Yard, he’s been doing classes on how to make the best use of social media tools for personal or business, he’s part of the DePaving project, created a Birthday Garden in Portland (his birthday wish a few years ago, a community garden). He puts out a newsletter called the Eleven, sharing ideas with people about how we can make the world a better place in this, the eleventh hour. I can’t say enough about Albert – I really look up to him because he just dives in and gets things done, gets people engaged, is fully present, open, and compassionate, and even though he may get discouraged about how the world is today, he’s a shining light that’s contagious, and that gives me hope for the world.

Thanks for all you do – – Kristi

Albert Kaufman



I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed your newsletter.  The details and scope of your work is not only impressive but inspiring.  I hope many people read this and take heed.  Thank you for being such a leader in this.  This is my biggest passion and concern on the planet.  Working full time, being married, and raising a 4-year-old late in age, I am becoming limited in time and energy.  I realize that is no excuse but I try to do what I can in every present moment.  You’re newsletter just gave me a huge boost of energy!  Thank you. – Nancy Cardwell

from David Burdick

I love you Albert for being you and your awareness and kindness…. and strength to stand for what you want and believe in… Thank you for being my friend and so encouraging and clear to so many people in our community…. You are such a gift… thanks for being part of the miracle of my life… Amira

thanks, Albert, you are a wonderful being and a real contributor to what makes Portland special.

John William Johnson

Hi Albert,

I really like that you write your newsletter. I find it informative, entertaining, and personally revealing. Keep up the good work Dude, er, Brother!  Steve Bennett


I have much enjoyed the things you sent, Albi.  I keep “The Goal” on my lamp table.

My spiritual well-being has been so well solicited by those around me, but you have sent such good energy–I couldn’t miss it.

So I just wanted to write before any more time passed and tell you how much your mail has meant to me.

Postally yours,
philosopher, Greg Tropea


Thank you for giving voice and being such a bright beacon in the community. Your personal journey and

caring informs you making a difference to others and me.


Marc Gadoua

Happy Autumn Albert~
Thanks for sharing the Eleven w/ me!
You are an amazing Spirit and Light in the World.
Rock on, Brother. 
Erin Conway

Hi Albert,

I was thinking about you on election night, and feeling grateful for all your efforts towards improving our community and world.  I know you have been very involved in political organizing.  My life has been very busy in other realms, and politics has not been at the forefront of my engagement with the world.  Thanks for committing to what you believe in and leading the way.  I appreciate how each of us carries a little bit of the whole and somehow it all fits together and works out for the best.


Hi Albert,

Thank you for your positive spin on a slumping economy. And thank you for encouraging people to think about what is good in their lives. I have been getting so much juice from this exercise.

Bless you!

Paul Parks



From Amira: I do know that you are a juicy sweet man who has a lot to share and you are wonderful to spend time with, encouraging, sensual, dynamic, hot, smart, clear, kind, and likely an exquisite lover…….  


Oh Albert: the roller coaster is quite a ride and it is not all fun at all. I have been staying in clarity and truth with loving-kindness, accountability, and boundaries. and I wish I had a video cam for proof………  Bizarre and sad. Send prayers. I miss your wonderful mental health. You are one of the most loving and kind and clear men I know. And I think this one Jack is very wounded. I am trying to stay on for the ride….. wish me luck. and say prayers for us both. Love Amira

Sing, Sing, Sing: Isn’t it so great that you can feel so so wonderful. Actually, that is a really good thing. To feel and experience what your own body is feeling is soooooo amazing. Now. To also match that with someone else feeling it………..ahhhhh. Regardless of matchups or outcomes, you definitely are a love bird. And there are so many wonderful people in the world to interact with. I wish I was going to be up in Portlandia singing along with you tonight. Please do another one soon on a weekend………… Also, put Aug 11-12 on your calendar for the Boogie Blues Festival in Brownsville, it is looking like some dance folks are planning on helping do a ritual and party Fri night, with music maybe a talent show, and the official festival on Sat. Holly and Donna have volunteered to sing and help and you doing a sing-along would also be great. I will see what money we have (not much) but we could also pass the hat. We have a nice kitchen we could use and share food if we want and a covered dance area.   Tonight will be sweet. Good luck. sometimes when things don’t quite work out it’s that the energy isn’t right or there is another being just behind a tree waiting. You always have your Beloved just in front of you, whoever it is. Blessings sweetie. Love AMira

Psst, not a lot of time to write- But, I want to say, in a nutshell- “You’ve got it all going on Albert.”  Thanks for sharing that.  You are kind, sensitive, emotionally intelligent, handsome, health-conscious, fun, kid-friendly, independent, exciting, lovable, growing, open, crazy, appropriate, and a fabulous friend.  I appreciate being a part of all of that. – Brenda Sutton

Dear Albert,

hey just got your message. I’m running around today doing this and that. But we were on the same wavelength because all morning I’ve been thinking about you, and how much I value you as a friend in my life. You are one of the very very VERY few people who I feel just being able to be with in all my moods with no pressure to change or be different. I love how you hold space when I just want to talk and I love your wisdom when I do want guidance and I love how you trust me with all your unfoldings with what is. So thank you for being you. You do it well! ; )

love ya

Susan Cerf

“You certainly set a standard for the degree of attentiveness a man can show a woman. I would say that men who do not express that level of attention to their women as you do just don’t’ ‘get it’ – don’t get what a woman wants. And E is worth every bit of that attention. She is better than vitamins. Should your devotion also extend to multiple practical levels, then she would really have a very good man at her side. Your relationship is absolutely beautiful to see.” Joy

Hey sweet Albert.  Thx for sharing yourself with me last night.  I appreciate what you offer to the world.  Here are a few of the things that you exhibit that make me want to clone you…

Generous with spirit and heart

Compassionate and understanding

Notice the strength and beauty in others (I learned something about this from you last night)



Music and dance lover

Embrace nature



Charming (Oh my did I see this last night)

Kid-like and grown up at the same time


You get present with and enjoy children

You feel good to hug




Life long learner



It’s always an honor to be in the presence of you and E.  Thanks for hosting such a great gig.

Hugs to you, Bre-Lou.



A quiet joy
A surrender
A fierce, gentle strength
An integration
and a way that you are more rooted in your heart of you….


And, as always a lovely, loving soul.

Talk soon

Carolyn Campbell

Hello Albert!

I wanted to thank you so much for inviting me to last night’s open house.  I had such a wonderful time and really enjoyed being surrounded by such great energy and good people.  I also wanted to apologize for not having gotten much opportunity to interact with you at the event.  When I first arrived, I caught a glimpse of you walking up the stairs on your way to do something and I immediately saw someone I recognized and ran off to say hello to them after taking off my shoes, I did not see you again until you were playing your guitar and singing, and then I had to meet a friend at 8:30 PM who I ended up being late to see because I was having such a good time at the open house that I had a difficult time leaving.  I ended up seeing a bunch of people at the open house who I know and think are wonderful.  It was great.  I brought Sheila-the one who said she knows you-she was the one sitting on the floor with me during the sing-along.  She actually ended up knowing some of the people there too.  I saw one of my co-workers from Columbia River Mental Health there who I really enjoy, and her partner is actually a therapist at the house and I REALLY enjoyed meeting her and sitting in that middle room for a while kicking it with her and the other women who work there and their friends.  Enjoyed some great conversation with them, as well as with Greg and Tabor-two guys I’ve known for a year who are fabulous and who I absolutely adore, hadn’t seen for a bit and was really happy to see there.  It was neat to see a bunch of the people I have met through you and Living Earth, who are in Love Tribe, at the Open House too.  Love Tribe and its members have always been something very fascinating to me.  I admit that it is something that is not at all for me (I am not at all into that kind of lifestyle and those activities and, in fact, at this point in my life, am not actually very into or comfortable even with much touch or massage or anything like that with others aside from hugs, etc.) but I can respect it, enjoy being a voyeur and learning about it, etc., and really enjoy and like the people who I have met that are involved with that group and how warm and open of people they are.  Your friend Christie, who gave me the massage months back, looked like a different person-she was glowing, looked so much healthier and happier.  That was wonderful to see.

Back to work.  Hope you have a fabulous week.  Again, thank you so much for inviting me to that.  Cheers.

Take care,

Becca Bull


You da man Albert.  I appreciate your letter very

much and will write a similar one myself.  Years ago,

when I was in college under Reagan in 1987 I remember

stating a similar position in a man on the street

interview for the local newspaper.  I said the country

needed revolution: cultural, political, economic, and

spiritual.  I’m still exploring what I said 19 years

ago.  I do what I can, but sometimes I feel what the

Onion described at “Outrage Fatigue”.  It really is

amazing how this administration and political-economic

elite have leveraged and commandeered so much power. I

remember commenting to people that the only way the Bush

administration could succeed in any way given his

self-serving, cynical, and corrupt domestic agenda was

to distract and unify the American people by going to

war somewhere.  After I graduated from college I moved

overseas for a year and considered staying.  Since

returning, I have been making my peace with being

American in America.  I think we need a new political

party or movement of some kind.  Something big.

Something affirming.

-Daniel Herzberg, CA

Here are some things I really like about you:
You’re ALIVE.
You have a great sense of humor.
You’re fearless (or at least you have different fears than I have, all things being relative…) =)
You play guitar (this is quite attractive to someone (me) who’s never dated someone who played guitar, but always wanted to).
You are who you are. You’re real.
You’re (and I’ve said this to a few people, even) one of the best Snugglers in Portland.
I feel safe and comfortable with you, like I’ve known you for a long time and I can tell you anything and you accept me as I am.
You ‘get it’. – Kristi