The other day I posted on Alignable: “I was on a local Smart Connect today for the Portland, Oregon area and we were discussing the current contest. That brought me to a comment that I hadn’t realized I was going to make regarding the value of Alignable.

For many of us, it can take a while to figure out what Alignable can be useful for. There are the obvious “more business”, leads, and stronger network kinds of things. But I think that there are hidden gems which, after being busy on here for 6 months, are only now coming into view. Things like learning new processes/ways of doing things. Book recommendations. And even how one might tailor their profile better.

I’m curious about what you’ve found valuable about Alignable. I often tout it as a way to get clearer on what you’re doing in business. Improving one’s presentation skills. But there are riches that keep popping up on a regular basis. I feel lucky to be here now. There is a new energy on Alignable that wasn’t here in 2016 when I signed up. Maybe it’s the Smart Connects. Maybe it’s new leadership.

So, what are you finding that’s valuable?  Thanks.”


And Jesus had this great response which I think is on point:

Jesus Devesa  • 

I agree that Alignable has evolved significantly since 2016, and the new energy you mentioned is palpable. For me, the value of Alignable lies in several key areas:

Local Business Networking: Alignable has provided a fantastic platform for connecting with other local businesses. This has been invaluable for understanding local market trends and establishing collaborative relationships.

Referral Opportunities: One of the most significant benefits I’ve experienced is the ability to both give and receive referrals. This aspect of mutual support within the community is not just about growing our businesses but also about building trust and reputation.

Learning and Sharing Insights: The platform has been a great place for learning from others and sharing my own insights. The diversity of businesses on Alignable means there’s always something new to learn.

Improving Online Presence: I’ve found Alignable helpful in strengthening my business’s online presence. Engaging with others, responding to queries, and participating in discussions have enhanced my visibility and brand recognition.

Smart Connects and New Features: Like you, I’ve noticed the impact of features like Smart Connects. They’ve made networking more dynamic and targeted, allowing for more meaningful connections.

Feedback and Reviews: The opportunity to receive genuine feedback and reviews has been crucial for refining my business offerings. It’s also a great way to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty.

New Leadership and Direction: The changes in leadership and direction at Alignable have been noticeable and appreciated. The platform seems more user-centric and geared towards real business growth.

In summary, Alignable has become more than just a networking site; it’s a community where businesses can grow, learn, and support each other in tangible ways. I’m keen to see how it continues to evolve and aid in our business journeys.

And.. another entry by James

I’m teaching classes and hosting Smart Connects on Alignable. To stay in the loop, click here. Here’s a group I lead on Alignable.

Note to Clients 1.14.13

Note to Clients

1.14.13 – Here are important updates about how I communicate with you, what I’m offering, and a change in my rates.Constant Contact
off, since I’m a Constant Contact (email marketing) business partner – I am going to start sending my emails to you: someone who has taken my classes, and those who have expressed interest in my work – via Constant Contact. This will mean sharper – hopefully, richer emails for you the next time you hear from me. If this does not interest you, just let me know.

2. I will offer a one-hour free consultation to anyone (anywhere) who uses my affiliate link to sign up for a Constant Contact trial account. See the attachment for advantages to using email marketing. The first 2 months of the trial are free (you have to stay at a low contact count..) It’s a good way to see if email marketing/newsletters are a good idea for your business.  They also offer free accounts to non-profits or organizations that work with children.

Here’s the link

If you want to share this link I won’t stop you! 🙂  Also, if you find Constant Contact is not for you, I have links to all of their competitors @ – take your pick!

Due to the changes that Facebook has made = limiting Facebook fan/biz pages’ ability to organically (ie, free) reach their audiences the importance of using email marketing has increased in my opinion.  Here is an article detailing some predictions for this area.

That being said, I still think that social media is important when we think about small business marketing.

On another note, in the area of Groupon-like services, Constant Contact offers something called SaveLocal. I’ve watched one client have quite a high success rate with this. SaveLocal offers go out via email and their charge for organizing your coupons/offers is very low.  For more on SaveLocal feel free to ask me more or check out

I have raised my rates. Social Media classes are now $30 (last year they ranged from $11-$30)  I will continue to work with established clients one-on-one @ $50/hr. New clients who work with me for the first time = $60/hr.  If you’ve worked with me in the past, I hope that you agree that this is a very good deal – I pack a lot into an hour – combining teaching as well as making actual changes to clients’ online presence which are valuable. I have also started to work with clients via Skype and google hangouts. If you haven’t tried this yet – it’s a great way to meet sans commute time!  Via sharing screens just about everything except me serving you tea can take place!  Also, I offer a more complete package of running small businesses’ social media/email marketing/WordPress sites on a monthly basis – get in touch if this sounds appealing.

I’d like to ask you a favor.  One way that future clients decide to work with me is via recommendations on Facebook, Yelp! Or LinkedIn.  If you would be willing, please visit and create a recommendation. I would be very grateful.  Also, if we have worked together in the past and you’d like to see your name/business name on my client list below, please respond with information about your business and I’ll add you! The more websites that link to your website the better your search engine optimization (SEO) is. = a good thing 🙂

I hope 2013 is treating you well so far. Let me know if there is any way I can help you thrive this year. I’m a huge networker – even if it’s not on a topic you’d typically think to turn to me, you’re always welcome to throw me a question and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

With Gratitude,

Albert Kaufman

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