You, Me and Email Marketing

Email Marketing

I want to make you an offer regarding Constant Contact which I believe will be to our mutual benefit.


I have been a Constant Contact business partner for the past 4 years. I know the product and company well.  As a business partner, I hear about improvements early.  I also get other perks – one of them being a small monthly percentage of the $ that people who sign up with my affiliate link pay to Constant Contact.

1. To sign up as an affiliate of mine if you’re just getting started, simply click on this link and sign up.  If you’d be willing to share this link with people, I would appreciate it greatly.

Now, here’s my offer to you!

1. I will look over an email from you and provide feedback on things I would do to improve your email such as provide layout advice, additional social networking effective practices, and feedback on better use of graphics.
2. I will provide you with support for any problems you’re experiencing if you don’t want to go through Constant Contact’s (excellent, btw) support system
3. I will provide some consulting around increasing your reach.
4. If you like I will send you (from time to time) an email that outlines changes in Constant Contact.
5. I will share tips and tricks for integrating your e-mail newsletter into social media platforms.

If any or all of that sounds good, please either take the actions above, or contact me for further discussion via email or phone (503-358-0029)

Thanks for your good work in the world.

Albert Kaufman

PS – the affiliate program with Constant Contact is rewarding.  Here’s a little background if you’re interested.

here’s how to sign up!