Bizmissive April 22, 2020 – Happy Earth Day

Bizmissive April 22, 2020

Happy Earth Day 2020 from Southeast Portland, Oregon. I hope you are faring well in these different times. Like everyone, I’ve been experiencing a huge mix of emotions but I’ve also been contemplating the upsides of the changes to our world going forward. Just having cleaner air for all species is a huge improvement in my book. Plus, increased telecommuting = less traffic, and there are dozens more benefits I could list. Also, many people are trying out new and fun things online – here’s something cheery.
I was reminded by my colleague, Michael Katz, that now is a great time to be publishing content. Check out the short video below.
Keep producing content.
For email marketers or people with other digital marketing skills, it’s a good time for our businesses. I’ve started working with a political candidate running for Portland City Council; a voice teacher who also does personal ceremonies (weddings, for example), and it seems like someone new is reaching out to me every day for assistance.
I’ve also joined the team at Food Security Hawai’i and their program to eliminate food insecurity in Hawai’i. My friend, Jenny Pell asked me to participate and help out with email marketing and social media for the project and I’m thrilled to be able to assist them.
So, how about that much fresher air? Less traffic. Signs of Spring. The sound of birds. Happy Earth Day 2020!
My life tips series could be helpful right now if you seek some interesting ideas on how to live a better life. Also, my Song a Day series is bringing new music to many. Music is definitely helping me ease through right now. These autoresponder series might also spark ideas for your own offering – don’t forget what Michael recommends above – it’s time to put your thinking out in the world. If you need a hand with that, please reach out.
These sǝɯıʇ ʇuǝɹǝɟɟıp are surely challenging – and, there are opportunities popping up (like the spring tulips), as well.
Carpe Diem,
Albert Kaufman, Albertideation, 503-358-0029
PS – This newsletter was created using the Earth Day template in Constant Contact.
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3 Great Reasons to have a Personal Newsletter for Friends and Family

Starting a Friends and Family Newsletter

friendsandfamilyI’ve been using email to send out a newsletter to my friends and family for the past 16 years. The response has been fantastic and it’s made me a believer in taking the time to send word to your personal network on a regular basis. Here are my three top reasons why I think this makes sense.

1. You have a personal life and telling people that care about you what is going on for you leads to their having a greater understanding of your life, hopes, and dreams.  Once friends and family know more about what you’re up to – they can get behind any effort you’re making.  For instance, I had an idea a couple of years ago called Farm My Yard. It’s an effort to match up homeowners and urban farmers who live nearby. I’ve been mentioning this idea and dreaming it into existence for the past couple of years, and now that it’s starting to take off the people I’ve told are some of the effort’s greatest boosters.  And, of course, Farm My Yard has a newsletter sign-up form on the website 🙂

2. The feedback. We all want to know how we’re doing. When I send my newsletter out, I always ask for feedback. Over the years it feels like people take turns writing back with their thoughts, suggestions, and mentions of how they might be facing the same challenges and their solutions for making their way through.  Sometimes it’s just an “atta boy”, but some friends have deepened our relationship by sharing their thinking and real offers of help.

3. Referrals.  By telling my friends and family what I’m up to in my business life, they then know something about how I make a living – teaching email marketing, and social media, and helping small businesses boost their marketing efforts. I have become known in my personal world as THE guy who does that. This has led to friends referring their friends who need business support. I generally don’t ask my friends and family directly for support, but their knowledge of my business helps me in various ways. For instance, when we come together for various gatherings, the conversations often start at a greater depth because they’ve been following my life and are somewhat caught up with my progress. Instead of “what’s new“, the conversations more often start with “Hey, I remember you mentioning that you lead street tree planting efforts” – any idea of how we can get that going in my neck of the woods?”

As with any email newsletter, you want to follow the basic rules of thumb – keeping the newsletter brief; having a great subject line; putting the call to action towards the top, and using graphics and links sparingly.  If you invite your friends and family to write back about what has moved them about what you’ve written, they often will – and, I promise, this feedback will be interesting and possibly useful.

If you ever need encouragement on trying this out, feel free to get in touch. If you’d like to receive my friends & family monthly email (The Eleven), you can sign up for it here.

You can do this, and I truly believe it will lead to great things!

The Eleven Archives

Thanks to Yehudah for this article from May 2024 on Kinkeeping!

And a cool TikTok on the subject.

You, Me and Email Marketing

Email Marketing

I want to make you an offer regarding Constant Contact which I believe will be to our mutual benefit.


I have been a Constant Contact business partner for the past 4 years. I know the product and company well.  As a business partner, I hear about improvements early.  I also get other perks – one of them being a small monthly percentage of the $ that people who sign up with my affiliate link pay to Constant Contact.

1. To sign up as an affiliate of mine if you’re just getting started, simply click on this link and sign up.  If you’d be willing to share this link with people, I would appreciate it greatly.

Now, here’s my offer to you!

1. I will look over an email from you and provide feedback on things I would do to improve your email such as provide layout advice, additional social networking effective practices, and feedback on better use of graphics.
2. I will provide you with support for any problems you’re experiencing if you don’t want to go through Constant Contact’s (excellent, btw) support system
3. I will provide some consulting around increasing your reach.
4. If you like I will send you (from time to time) an email that outlines changes in Constant Contact.
5. I will share tips and tricks for integrating your e-mail newsletter into social media platforms.

If any or all of that sounds good, please either take the actions above, or contact me for further discussion via email or phone (503-358-0029)

Thanks for your good work in the world.

Albert Kaufman

PS – the affiliate program with Constant Contact is rewarding.  Here’s a little background if you’re interested.

here’s how to sign up!