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People have been asking me questions about Facebook, lately, and in the past I’ve taught a few classroom-style labs, so it seems like this would be useful to offer.

We’ll cover the basics and then dig into some recent changes around FB fan pages and how to admin/use them. (we might also get to Twitter, LinkedIn and pointed sticks (see Monty Python))

Next Class: 5/5/11 : 11am-1pm @ The Happy Clam

CC Expert Training Certificate

Here’s a little background on some of what’s possible with one company, Wileyware, that I do the fan page for:


RSVP by paypal-ing me @ albertkaufman@gmail.com – $11

Or, if you’d like to pay at the door, that’s fine – you still need to RSVP with me to guarantee a spot. I’ll cap the meeting at 11 – see a trend ?

There’s wi-fi here, please bring a lap-top, though that’s not absolutely necessary.

Questions are welcome, and if you can’t make this one but would like to do it another time, let me know. I’ll also try to write up some notes, like this one (https://albertideation.com/2011/01/26/fblists/ ) on my site which will capture some of what we learn together.

To prepare, please friend me on FB, and create a FB fan page for your biz.

Albert Kaufman

The Happy Clam (NE Portland) (please contact me for the address)
Buses 8, 9, 77 and Max all stop nearby)

Offering my services: Social Networking

Albert KaufmanHow Can I Help You?

I’ve been working with clients in the Pacific Northwest for the past 2 years and I’d like to remind you of my services to the community. I advise people and small businesses on how to make the best use of social networking.  Within 1-2 hours, I bring my clients up to speed on Facebook, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, setting up a blog, how to link various social networking efforts to save time and explain why these are useful tools for helping businesses succeed.  I also use Constant Contact (email marketing) and can guide you through this application as well. The social networking and promotion arena is constantly changing.  New tools and services are being developed daily and there is a huge potential for using these (mostly free) services to get the word out about yourself, your business or your cause.

If you or your organization would like to work with me, please get in touch.  I’d be glad to do a brown bag lunch talk for businesses, consult in person or over the phone on projects. For a little background on what I’ve done with one of my clients, please visit: https://albertideation.com/wileyware/ I also publish a monthly e-letter where I discuss tips about social networking, highlight my clients and share my thinking on world change. I invite you to sign up – https://tinyurl.com/TheEleven-signup I  appreciate referrals.  If you know me, and know my work, please send this note to your friends. Thank you!

Albert Kaufman
For a free Constant Contact trial account: https://www.constantcontact.com/index.jsp?pn=albertkaufman

Let’s work together to get your social networking game on!

Social Networking

Hello there,

I want to offer you my services. I have been spending the past two years helping people get their email and social-networking games on. Whether it’s figuring out how to use the programs you have already, or branching into new territory, I can help you get going. I’m happy to work with beginners who don’t have a cleu, to those who are a bit more advanced but who would like to take the next step in learning how to swim in different pools and make bigger waves.

I am happy to work with you for U.S. or foreign currency on a sliding scale or possibly a bartering arrangement which includes some sort of home-cooked soup or a massage, firewood or a midnight road-trip to Las Vegas.

Yes, we will have fun together. Yes, we will both learn things.

Get in touch,

FB: https://facebook.com/albertkaufman11
TW: https://twitter.com/albertkaufman
LI: https://linkedin.com/albertkaufman

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Living in a house of social networks – a new frame for social networking

house of social networks

I was working with a client yesterday and came up with a great metaphor to frame how social networking is helpful.  Each kind of social network is a like a room in a house. How might each one help us with our work and play?

Facebook (or Myspace, Friendster, or what have you) to me are the rec or living room.  These networks are colorful, full of pictures and are great places to entertain – you can create an event and see who is coming or post something you’d like to share such as an article, music or video – something that typically would be experienced in one’s living room.  The space is somewhat cozy, friendly and a good place to find friends, old and new.  It’s becoming more of a place to find collaborators for projects, but still leans heavily on the casual and recreational.

Linked-in and Biznik are places to network on work-related topics.  I think of them as the office, in my case, the home office!  These sites are all about business and the posted profiles are basically our resumes, though there is a softening of the edges as more participants add non-work-related links and streams to their blogs or Twitter feeds..

is this your house?

Twitter is the attic.  It’s a creative and private space, or at least has that feeling, though anyone can find out what you’re tweeting at anytime. It reminds me of a place one would retreat to use their ham radio – a private, quiet space for learning with a dash of madness.  Twitter, like all of these networks is still finding its feet, and I think most would agree that all of these networks are not really sure what their use is yet, though there are plenty of signs they may become more useful in the future.  Twitter, to me, seems to be on the cutting edge of something – and that something seems to grow daily.  So far Twitter has taught me a lot about succinct and brief comunication.  Another use was seen on election day,  Twitter feeds  with anything on Obama or Merkley streamed across the Oregonian website ..and these streams were updated at a maddening pace. They are a great way to see who in your town cares about politics or any other subject as much as you do.  Using Tweetdeck or another Tweet aggregator is a great way to find people who are engaged in a topic or cause that you’re interested in.  My cause is population growth, so I have a Tweetdeck stream that constantly searches the Twitter universe for anyone that uses that word combo.

Then there’s the kitchen – and I guess any of the networks above could also serve up the kind of fun and interesting gossip and stories that one would share over a cup of coffee and some apple crisp.  But my favorite social network (could also have the aspect of a bedroom) in this respect is still Tribe.net.  The kinds of conversations and tribes found there are a bit more edgy and folks that push the envelope have longer talks about the issues that interest them.  Where Facebook feels scrubbed clean, Tribe.net has more of a late night anything goes kind of feel.

And there are more parts of the house, I’m sure – feel free to suggest more to me on this blog or Email me

Welcome to your home of social networks!

Albert Kaufman is the owner of Albertideation, a company specializing in helping individuals and business owners with their social networking needs.

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