Social Media is Many Things to Many People

The many faces of social media

The more I use social media over the years the more convinced I am that it is very hard to say exactly what it is. There are various platforms and these are often hard to explain simply. I’ve been training people on how to use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others for about 11 years (in 2019).

I first started out by teaching classes in my living room – mainly – how does one use Facebook – personal pages vs. business pages + netiquette – how to be in those places and look like you have a cleu. As the various platforms have expanded their feature sets and made things a bit more difficult for businesses to reach their fans how people use them has changed.  Here are some of the new uses that I am experiencing and seeing in the field.

1. Some people are just using the systems as a messaging system – an example would be FB messenger. I note that I am having more and more personal “email-like” interactions via FB messenger than in the past. FB messenger seems to be replacing email in terms of personal connections/conversations in my world.

2. People pick their platforms and stick with them. I know a number of people who are mainly on one platform and that’s it. My next-door neighbor runs an Instagram page for his crystal business.  He’s up to 142K followers. I encouraged him to get going with email marketing – and he has, but really, he’s having so much success and fun with Instagram.. that he’s pretty happy with that one platform. Personally, I don’t recommend having all your eggs in one basket (ie, make sure to be list-building – that’s yours…) – but I see this across the board. People who are mainly on Twitter or FB – find a home and stay there.

3. Then, there’s how one spends their time on FB. I used to spend much more time on the newsfeed – and I’m sure many still do. But ever since I discovered Friends’ Lists and how to segment my friends + see all the posts of those who I most want to follow/learn from.. that has changed my FB experience dramatically. I also am using FB much more to network with others and connect around business topics in relevant groups. Active business or interest groups have changed my thinking about how a small, dedicated group of people can come together for a common purpose and really elevate everyone’s experience.

I’ve been looking for more insight into where people delve into how these prominent tools/platforms are being used – in non-obvious ways, but have not really found what I’m looking for. So, I’ll try putting out my own thinking on the topic and see how that goes.

Do you use social media in a way that you think was not intended by the creators?  Please share below!

Have a great Summer – Albert Kaufman, Albertideation, Portland, Oregon, The United States

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5 Facebook Surprises

5 Facebook Surprises

You may know that I’m a peculiar fan of Facebook. I use it more than most people – but some of the ways I am on there are probably different than most. I do not think it’s a very good marketing tool, for instance. I find the more I poke around in the corners, the more interesting things I learn. Here are 5 ways that I experience Facecrack that might illuminate what’s going on on there and help guide you to a more improved experience. I also have a webinar that goes step by step through some of this – it’s a bit long, but I promise you’ll learn some things 🙂

  1. Facebook is an incredible networking tool. If you want to find someone – I’d use LinkedIn (and that’s another article in the works), but if you want to connect friends who need to meet (you matchmaker, you!) – or coordinate something, Facebook works great. I use the chat area all the time – sometimes just looking at a friend who’s on-line will prompt me to remember that I needed to talk to them about X, Y, or Z. In a way, it mirrors email’s ability to connect people – but that visual of someone’s face I think elevates the interest we all have in connecting and makes it practicable and immediately possible. Try this sometime – start a chat with a few people on the sidebar at the same time. Who do you know that needs to meet someone else that you know and for what purpose? Introduce them. Go! Report back if you have any great results 🙂
  2. Create lists. I talk about how to do this here, but I now want to add that the lists that you create can also be used for selectively sharing your posts. Once you’ve created a sub-list of your friends – this makes viewing your newsfeed a completely different experience. For one thing – you can now see everything that person(s) has posted rather than accept what Facebook’s algorithm feeds you. And, you can also use that list in the pull-down of (public, friends, etc.) who can see your post.  Example: you want to keep friends and family members separate? Create a list of just family – post things you want them to see and choose that list – and vice versa – want to share with just your friends – post to your Friends list (the one you create, not the “automatic” one that FB creates for you.
  3. Play around with Facebook. When you start experimenting, you find things that are possible, and possibly useful that you would never find otherwise. For instance, regarding fan/business pages – which I think are about as useful as a yellow pages ad these days – you can make a post that reaches a certain demographic only, without paying anything extra. Just want to reach 45-year old women? Here’s how. (it turns out this is not available on all pages!)

    Step one: create post and use the pull-down arrow

    Step one: create post and use the pull-down arrow

    Step 2: choose your demograhic

    Step 2: choose your demograhic

  4. Take a Facebook purification tool for a test sometime. I’m using something called Facebook Purity. The interface looks like this and it allows me to kill all advertising and do some other customization of my experience. There are a few tools out there – try one and see what you think. I love that I can set my newsfeed to most recent news, automatically.  I guess what I’m saying is – if you’re going to spend a bunch of time on FB, learn more of the ins and outs of it 🙂

    FB Purity, free tool super helpful!

    FB Purity, free tool super helpful!

  5. Get some training on how to use Facebook well. It will make such a difference. I teach free classes on email marketing and social media on a fairly regular basis – and there are tons of resources out there, too – search Youtube – spend a little time – once you figure out how to get past some of the more frustrating aspects you’ll see a bit more of how useful FB can be.Some things to learn next: how to unfollow someone without unfriending them. Decide what you’re on FB for – just close-knit friends and family or everyone under the sun (I’ve gone for the latter). This makes a big difference in your experience.

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Facebook fan/business pages are dead unless you pay to advertise

Zero people saw this Facebook post!

Facebook Business Pages are Dead

or this one, 3.8.16

Screenshot 2016-03-08 20.57.57

That’s it. I’m calling it.  I’ve been saying this ever since Facebook changed it’s algorithm after going public. And now the results of posting on a fan page have dropped to a point I didn’t think was possible. Here’s more proof. If you have the time and money to advertise on your fan page you may get more engagement/sales/attention/etc. But for the time being, organic reach has disappeared. These pages are great as yellow pages ads, though.

If you’ve got a great following – you’re getting tons of natural engagement because you have a fun following – for example, Keep Portland Weird has a page that regularly gets their posts shared like crazy. They are probably a perfect fit for Facebook. But for small businesses, I think it’s now a waste of time to post on your page.

This is why I’m continuing to place more and more of my time and effort into email marketing. I wrote about this decision a little while ago, here.

Though I’m down on business pages, I still think Facebook is good for a few things. It’s an excellent networking tool. Here are 5 Facebook Surprises.

Facebook Fan/Business Page Class in Portlandia – March 30th

Facebook Class

Facebook fan/business pages are a great marketing tool for your business. On March 30th fan pages are all being transitioned to Timeline.

Let’s come together and learn

  • how to update our fan pages
  • fan page best practices
  • fan pages – backend (adjust settings)
  • creating events
  • the difference between fan pages and personal profiles
  • Social Fixer. What it is and why I recommend it!

and have your other Facebook/social media questions answered.

The class is part presentation and part lab and also a great place to network with other small business people.

Class fee $20 – trade also considered. Snacks and tea provided. Feel free to bring your lunch.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below.

Please create a fan page before the class so you’ll have something to work with in class.

Here is information I sent to my clients recently about Facebook changes.



There are about to be some big changes to Fan Pages/Business Pages (same thing) on Facebook. If you haven’t already noticed, fan pages are being switched (like personal pages) to Timeline. Here is a little video about the change.

Also, there are a few articles floating around that go into deeper detail about what these changes mean for you and your business.

Here are some examples of how one might design a decent Fan Page given the new Timeline platform.

If you would like support on any of your email marketing or social networking needs, please get in touch. Referrals are also welcome!

I hope your life is thriving!


Albert Kaufman

Facebook through the fan page lens

Facebook through the fan/business page lens

I wrote a long email which I sent out to my email list this week.  I discussed what I think about facebook fan pages, and included a list of all of the pages that I administer.  The article is here – feedback welcome.

My life through the fan page lens

Life through the fan/business page lens

I’ve been teaching classes in my house for the past couple months on Facebook and Facebook fan pages. Here I’ll share with you some of what I’ve learned and some of the pages I’m administering and why. Since many of us are using Facebook we might as well figure out ways to reduce the clutter, get to what we want to see, and have fun doing it. First I’ll start off with some information that I hope is useful to everyone who has a personal profile — this is information I go over in my FB fundamentals class — the next of these is Thursday, May 5th, at my place @ 11am. Please contact me to RSVP. OK, here we go!

PS — My 50th Birthday party plan update here.

Your personal profile on Facebook

If you click on the Account button on the far right of your page, you’ll see the word “Account Settings”. Click on that and here are my recommendations.

1. On the “ notifications” tab (3rd from the left). All of the checkboxes on this screen indicate that you will receive a separate email each time one of these actions happens. The only box I have checked is the one for “ weekly page updates for admins” in the pages section. Facebook sets a lot of these boxes to “checked” as the default. All of this emailing is a lot for anyone to deal with and I recommend unchecking all of these boxes. Note: Facebook sometimes changes/adds boxes and so r eturning to this area every so often and unchecking boxes is necessary and recommended.

2. Settings/Account Security. I recommend visiting this area, and checking the box for “ Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”. A lot of peoples’ accounts are hacked and this may prevent that from happening to you.

3. I think it’s great to have a subset of your friends on Facebook that you really want to keep updated about. I wrote a short “how-to” on this topic — here.

And now, onto the main course — fan pages.

Facebook Fan Pages

Why do I say that? Well, when do you remember having the ability to reach out to a celebrity or business in a very public way — speaking to them and their followers without erecting a billboard? Or, taking out a full-page ad in the New York Times? With a fan page (also known as a business page) you can promote yourself, share ideas, and make connections with the world in a way that is bigger (600 million users and counting) and less expensive than anything the world has ever seen before. So, you may not like certain aspects of Facebook, I certainly don’t, but admit it, it’s interesting.

And possibly useful.
And possibly helpful.

So, if that resonates with you at all, read on and note the 5 FUN TIPS. If not, perhaps a fan page is not for you.

The fan pages I administer

  1. Albertideation — the fan page for my business, Albertideation. Here I post things that I think are interesting and updates to environmental campaigns I’m working on. It’s a mix that’s attracted 300 fans. I also “travel” as this “entity” to other fan pages to share information about classes I’m teaching or supply information about ideas with others who are in a similar field.
  2. Wileyware — friend Marcia Wiley’s hand-blown glasses are extraordinary and I became a fan a long time ago. This is the first fan page I started and I combine this page with Marcia’s Constant Contact account and help her promote her business. In exchange, I get sparkly glasses which make me smile!
  3. After The Phone Book — a page that supports the effort to move Oregon and the rest of the world to an opt-in system for phonebooks. Most recently I started a petition which just passed the 1,000 signature mark. Each time someone signs 6 Oregon State Senators receive an email that’s been tailored for them.
  4. FUN TIP #1 Once you have established any type of a relationship with anything on Facebook — an event, a person, a fan page, etc. you can create a link to that entity by typing in your status bar the @ symbol and then the name of that entity. ie, once you’ve liked then, if you go to your status bar and type in @wiley… you’ll see a pull-down menu that you can choose from. This can be used in many creative ways (anywhere on FB, even in comments)
  5. Alternatives Magazine — this is a great free magazine that’s available in Oregon. It’s a collection of great writing and a listing of all sorts of health events around the state and practitioners who do massage/reiki and other forms of healing list their services there.
  6. The Black Rock City Post Office or BRCPO. This is the theme camp that I am most often found visiting and “working” at at Burning Man each summer for the past 11 years. It is a collection of very theatrical people involved in a very fun venture — bringing mail to people 24 hours a day under extreme conditions. Through rain, dust storms and sleep deprivation… More info and volunteer applications can be found at our website at
  7. The Bush Street Wellness Center. This is a group of friends who have a wellness clinic featuring gong meditations which are superb, watsu and shiatsu and the list is growing. I offered to help the group get started a while back and their businesses are doing well. I recommend all of the practitioners. I heard a rumor that Jon’s gongs will be featured in the Temple at Burning Man this year!
  8. FUN TIP #2 — Once your fan page (or personal profile) has reached 25 fans you can go to and claim a vanity name for your fan page.
  9. Caffe D’arte. Great coffee, close to home (NE Broadway & 15th) and chill space to work from. Also, their womens’ room features one of Eric’s GoStools!
  10. Colour Authority. A hair salon on the eastside of Portland. These folks were referred to me by my friend and client, Jane. They’ve hired me to help create their facebook presence.
  11. 11!
  12. Dance Journeys Collaborative. A dance group that has been dancing together for the past 8 years in NE Portland. Dancing makes you smarter
  13. GoStool. Our GoStool has completely transformed my daily routine. Everyone would do well to invest in one of these. Eric also does incredible cabinetry in Portland and is a good friend.
  14. Happy For No Reason — a musical group featuring the songs and singing of my friend Jo Alexis Bronstein.
  15. FUN TIP #3 — To switch back and forth between your fan page and personal page click on Account/Use Facebook as Page (and click on SWITCH). Once you’re on your page click on Edit Page. If your page has liked other pages, you can then choose the tab on the left called “Featured”. There you can choose 5 pages to highlight on your page. This is a way to link to others whose work you support or you can use it to link your various pages together.
  16. Holy Rascals. This is a new interesting video project instigated by Cathy Zheutlin a local filmmaker. I’m looking forward to seeing how this project develops — anything with John Cleese and jewish renewal rabbis has my interest 🙂 “Crazy wisdom for crazy times”
  17. House of 6 Cats, the work of Artist Bill Fantini. Bill’s work is starting to pop up all over Portland and beyond. He is an incredible photographer and has figured out a system to apply photographs to coasters — the combo is incredible. Here’s an example.
  1. Lewis Childs — one of my favorite singer-songwriters, based out of Portland, Oregon. Lewis’s music is original, captivating and his presence is always welcome. Can you tell I’m a big fan?
  2. Hans Barklis — since we’re talking musicians.. Hans writes songs and sings in Portuguese, Spanish and English. He also gives the best hug this side of the Delaware 🙂
  3. Northeast Broadway businesses in Portland, Oregon. I thought the neat coffee shops (like the one I’m visiting), restaurants and other groovy places deserved a FB presence.
  4. Nourishing Medicine: A Chinese medical practice located within the beautiful Cypress Beauty & Wellness Center. Services include acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, massage, Qi Gong meditation classes, and nutritional therapy. This is in line with my wish that “alternative medicine and treatment” should be available to all. For a list of who I recommend in Portland, visit my healthcare directory
  5. Passportlandia: I thought I’d create a fan page for my new transit-oriented game
  6. FUN TIP #4 — when you search on FB, always use the “see more results” option at the bottom of whatever you type in. It will provide you with more choices to choose from and ways to refine your search. 9 times out of 10 this is better than putting in a search term and hitting return.
  7. Riccquisimo! — my friends Rut and Antimo are creating an English/Spanish/Italian language cooking show!
  8. Ryan Staub Glass: Ryan is the glass blower who creates Wileyware! He’s also raising money to send himself to a show in Taiwan later this year.
  9. School of Conscious Hearts — Susan is a great local teacher and healer and she says: “This is a school that Susan Cerf was told to create through her meditation that would be in service to helping people embody spiritual principles as well as get deeply connected with their own power and guidance.” Her classes are sublime and powerful.
  10. Voter Owned Elections Rock! — nuff said!
  11. Voting Virgins — resources and encouragement for those who are voting for the first time. Do you know a voting virgin? Send them here 🙂
  12. FUN TIP #5 — no matter whether you’re acting as yourself or a fan page, when you’re traveling on Facebook or any social network its always a good idea to be helpful, kind, useful, polite, supportive and interesting.
  13. Working Design: I’ve known Kris Klaasen of Vancouver, BC, Canada, for many years — watched he and his girls grow up through multiple visits to the Vancouver Folk Festival. Kris works hard and has a conscience. If you’re looking for a great WordPress site, he and his team are a good place to go.
  14. Didn’t see your name on the list? Want to work together? Get in touch!
  1. Signing Off

Thanks for reading. I’ve been wanting to share much of that for a while and it will give folks who come to me and idea of what I’ve done in the past and the understanding I have of the Facebook landscape. Which is continually changing and shifting. Hopefully, the tips above will help orient you and give you some ideas of how to make better use of your time with social networking. Also, know that FB is constantly changing — everyones’ experience is not the same. I’ve held classes and had 10 people click on the same link and have different experiences — I’m not sure if that’s intentional, or a bug or what, but it is the way this platform/game/tool works currently.I’m always open to working on new projects. If you have something you’d like my input on or know someone who I might enjoy working with, please let me know. I hope your Spring is going well.


Albert Kaufman

Facebook for artists, healers, musicians and small businesses


People have been asking me questions about Facebook, lately, and in the past I’ve taught a few classroom-style labs, so it seems like this would be useful to offer.

We’ll cover the basics and then dig into some recent changes around FB fan pages and how to admin/use them. (we might also get to Twitter, LinkedIn and pointed sticks (see Monty Python))

Next Class: 5/5/11 : 11am-1pm @ The Happy Clam

CC Expert Training Certificate

Here’s a little background on some of what’s possible with one company, Wileyware, that I do the fan page for:

RSVP by paypal-ing me @ – $11

Or, if you’d like to pay at the door, that’s fine – you still need to RSVP with me to guarantee a spot. I’ll cap the meeting at 11 – see a trend ?

There’s wi-fi here, please bring a lap-top, though that’s not absolutely necessary.

Questions are welcome, and if you can’t make this one but would like to do it another time, let me know. I’ll also try to write up some notes, like this one ( ) on my site which will capture some of what we learn together.

To prepare, please friend me on FB, and create a FB fan page for your biz.

Albert Kaufman

The Happy Clam (NE Portland) (please contact me for the address)
Buses 8, 9, 77 and Max all stop nearby)